The Sacrifices Made When Living with RA

Hollybgroovin Health Guide
  • I am beginning a new journey. This is a journey that is filled with fear and insecurities, but one that is mostly filled with hope.



    I can’t afford my medications

    Almost a year ago now, my Rheumatologist prescribed Enbrel for me. Shortly after I received my prescription, my insurance company notified me that the cost would be $1,280 a month. After I got the call I cried, hard. I had been home unable to work since October of 2006, and was living off of my husband’s income. There was no way possible we would be able to afford this. I was so depressed but my rheumatologist assured me that we weren’t going to give up.

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    Then he tried prescribing me Remicade. I got another call from my insurance company stating that the cost would be practically the same amount. Still devastated I notified my rheumatologist who then said, “Let’s try Orencia.” A couple of weeks later I got another call from the insurance company stating that the cost would be $880 a month. I felt a little better, but after sitting down with our bills and the calculator, I realized that this too would be impossible for us to afford. We spend $400 to $600 a month on medications and co-pays as it is.



    The price I must pay!

    A month ago my husband was offered a job in the oil field after being recommended for the position by his brother. His yearly salary will be more than five times what he makes now. We were all so excited. This was just what we needed to be able to afford all of my medical necessities including Orencia. This was going to be the answer to all of our prayers, or was it?

    Here is the price I will pay for my new medication: $880, and at least 20 days away from my husband a month. That’s right, in order to be able to afford my medication my husband must work out of town on various oil rigs. While the money will be great, my husband will tell you that the only thing that will make this job worth it is the chance of seeing me better.


    While I know that this may be my chance to get better, I am devastated. The price I must pay for medications is greater than I ever expected. I am scared and worried that I will not be able to do this alone. How will I be able to handle this disease without him?



    My hope for the future!

    My husband assures me that I am a survivor, that I am a fighter and that we can do this. Just knowing that he is making such a sacrifice for me and our family gives me hope. You see, my husband has had hope for me throughout my fight with this disease, even when I felt like giving up. My husband told me, “Holly, it’s not about the number of days we have together, it’s about the number of days that you are healthy, and that we will be able to enjoy each other's company.” He is right! Just knowing that he still has hope gives me hope. And although I will miss him and I know I will have days when I feel I just can’t do this without him, I find comfort in knowing that we have the same hope for the future.


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    My husband left for his new job on Sunday, March 16th. I'll probably cry everyday, but I know I can do this. My journey continues and my hope for the future grows stronger! The price I must pay for my medications is a high one, but one that will make our future brighter!



Published On: March 17, 2008