Perseverance an Important Elements When Dealing with RA Flares

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  • Sometimes I forget that there is more to life than my own Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Sometimes I am so consumed with being sick, that I forget that there is purpose to my life.  Sometimes it’s hard to see through my pain.



    This weekend was an absolutely exhausting weekend for me.  I got less than six hours of sleep since Saturday, and everyone with RA knows what it means to not get enough sleep.  That’s right, I am full force into a flare.  My hands, wrists, and feet hurt.  My ankles, knees, and hips hurt.  And my shoulders are killing me!  I hurt everywhere!  And even if I would have had time to lay down and get some sleep, it would be interrupted by the constant throbbing that RA brings.

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    Living life

    Why am I flaring, you ask, why didn’t I get any sleep?  This weekend my chocolate lab delivered ten puppies.  That’s right, ten!  She mated with a great pyrenese so she had very big puppies which made for a very difficult labor.  She went into labor around 2:00pm Saturday and delivered her last pup at 4:00pm Sunday.  I helped deliver every single one of them, and I never left her side.  Half of her puppies were delivered breach, so they required me helping pull them out as she was having a very difficult time.  We weren’t expecting the delivery of the pups for another week, and she went into labor so fast that she started delivering puppies on her bed in the garage.  I sat there for over twenty four hours delivering the puppies.  It was one of the most amazing experiences ever.  And she had ten perfect little puppies. 


    This experience reminded me that there is purpose in my life, and that I do have a life to live.  Sometimes I think we all get so consumed with taking our medications and dwelling on the things we can no longer do that we forget to live.  I mean actually, truly, living our life.  We all have a purpose for our life with rheumatoid arthritis, but we have to learn what that is for ourselves.  You can never really learn your purpose if you don’t live your life.  It’s so hard to not get caught up and consumed with all the negative that RA brings.  But we all have a life to live despite having RA.  We have a purpose, so find it and live your life.  It may be that your purpose is to help others deal with the diagnosis of RA.  It may be taking care of a loved one who has RA.  Your purpose may even be as simple as helping a child smile.  Life with RA is just plain hard, but find your purpose, live your life, and you will find that it is worth it!  Yes, I am in pain.  Yes, I am in a flare.  Yes, I am living my life with RA and it is a good life!

Published On: May 05, 2008