How Rheumatoid Arthritis helped me see something magical!

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  • Before I became sick and knew the pain rheumatoid arthritis would bring, I was busy.  I always had to be on the go.  I would start project after project.  I had no patience.  I had no down time.  And I certainly had no time to enjoy the little things in life.


    Rhematoid Arthritis slowed me down

    Things have definitely changed for me. I cannot move the way I used to and I have definitely slowed down.  It used to kill me that I couldn’t do so many of the things I used to.  I used to run.  I would run anywhere and everywhere.  It was my way of working things out.  Now, you ask?  Well, due to the damage in my feet I have strict orders from my rheumatologist not to run.  And truthfully, on some days, I long for the fast paced lifestyle I used to love so much.

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    It all happened so quickly.  I would notice things here and there but never really looked twice.  I bought my house a little over a year ago.  I have a tri-level house on three acres of land.  Large mature tree surround my yard, and I have a pond out in my front yard.  I always knew it was beautiful, but I just never had the time to enjoy it. 


    Seeing life and my new perspective

    Recently I read some wonderful Shareposts about enjoying the little things in life.  They talked about enjoying the things that really matter.  I spent hours outside today.  I walked around my yard and was amazed at how magical it was.  I saw butterflies in my flower gardens.  I saw squirrels running and playing.  I saw beautiful red cardinals enjoying all the bird feeders that I hang out every spring.  I saw something so beautiful that had been right there all along.  Today I saw life.    


    These are all things I would never have noticed in my previously fast-paced life.  They are the magical things in life that had long been forgotten about.  Yes, RA slows you down, but it doesn’t stop your life from going on.  Only you can do that.  So live your life and appreciate the things you do get to enjoy, like the little things that really do matter.  Enjoy a slow walk, or the extra time with your family.  Enjoy the beauty of a flower, or the beautifully unique song of a bird.  So enjoy your life and the opportunity to slow down a little once in a while.  You might just find life can be magical.


    Today, after spending many hours outside in my magical yard I met my kids at the bus stop.  I knew I had a lot of chores that needed to be done around the house, but I have been moving at a very slow pace lately because of an RA flare.  So I took the extra time to walk around my yard with the boys.  They were so happy and full of excitement.  I loved watching them enjoy this magical place that I just discovered, and all my pain just seemed so small to me.  So yes RA has slowed me down.  And no, I cannot move as fast as I used to.  But I have found something truly magical about this whole experience.  RA can take away your joy if you let it.  So what do you do, you ask?  You just don’t let it.  Go out and find something magical about your new life, your life with RA.  Every once in awhile it is okay to just sit back and smell the roses.


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    Perry, this one is for you and your wonderful and positive posts about life with RA.  You have helped me enjoy something magical!

Published On: May 21, 2008