Maintaining Hope During Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

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  • What is hope? Living with rheumatoid arthritis is hard enough without living in a world that seems to have lost all sense of hope. Hope is a very important thing for all of us fellow rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. It is a word we hear often and pass along to others who suffer along with us. It just leaves me to wonder...what is hope?


    The importance of hope

    I will tell people as often as they possibly will let me how important hope is. I preach on the miracles it can bring, and the healing properties it has to offer. However, it has not always been my fondest word or meaning. There was a time in my life that hope was nothing but a sick joke to me. It was a slap in the face. I was left to live the rest of my life in horrible pain, medication, after medication, trial after trial, with a horrible incurable disease. There was no place for hope in my life. Hope had no existance in my world.

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    I fully believe that if you ask someone what hope means, you will get a different answer from everyone because hope drives people for different reasons. Hope is a myth to some and a way of life for others. And while hope can bring miracles to your life if you let it, hope is not always the easiest thing to have.

    You may be sitting there reading this and be able to fully understand what I am saying. You may say that there is no such thing as hope, and that all hope was ripped away from you the day of your diagnosis. So for all of you out there who are not yet ready to give hope a meaning for your lives, Let me share with you, what the meaning of hope is for me...


    What is hope?

    What is hope? Hope is giving your dreams a second chance when it has already failed you once, or twice, or maybe even ten times or more already. Hope is waiting for something spectacular when deep inside your heart you know there is a good possibility it may never come. Hope is a smile, whether it be fake, to show the world you are ready for what life has to throw your way even when all you want to do is lay in bed and cry. Hope is holding on to a dream, even though the dream may change, that life and circumstances have pushed aside.


    Hope is a miracle

    I like to believe that hope is a miracle just waiting for you to reach out an accept it. I believe that to be true in my life. My first rheumatologist told me I would be in a wheelchair before my 27th birthday. This december I celebrate my 30th with no wheelchair in site. I have tried every combination on medications without ever finding true relief in even one of them. Yet I have hope that someday I will find that miracle medication that I have been waiting so long for. I know that hope is believing, not only in yourself, but in the ones you love and that love you, in your faith, and in others.


    Where do you find hope

    When living with rheumatoid arthritis hope is hard to find, and even harder to hold onto. So how do I find the strength to hold onto hope, you ask. I find hope in the people I love. When I am sick and find it almost impossible to hold onto hope I can look at my boys and staring back at me is hope. I find it in their smile and laughter. I find hope in holding my husbands hand and knowing that I will grow old with him, and that someday I will be able to look back with him and know what a truely amazing life I have lived despite rheumatoid arthritis. I look for hope where ever I can and when I find it I hold onto it as tight as I can from the fear of someone or something trying to rip it away from me once again. And let me tell you, I refuse to ever let that happen!.


    Holding onto hope

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    Where would I be without hope? I would be in that same, lonely, dark place I was six years ago. I would be in the same bed in an empty room where no one wanted to be around me. I would be in a wheelchair if I had no hope, and I would be nothing but sick without it. By holding onto hope and finding it where ever possible, I was given a life that I feel lucky to be living.


    Sending hope your way!

    So once again for all of you out there who are not yet able to find hope, and are not yet ready to give hope a meaning, please borrow mine. Look for hope in the eyes of all who love you and who have watched you suffer for so long. Hold onto those dreams that you feel have been taken away. Hold on to the hope for relief from the pain and medications. Hold onto the hope for a better quality of life. For all you out there who need hope, please hold on... I am sending all my hope your way! Good luck and best wishes!

Published On: May 05, 2009