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RA and Lupus

I was diagnosed with RA about 10 years ago,was pretty low key until about 5 years ago, got pretty bad, one year ago, was diagnosed with Lupus on top of RA! I am still working, fatigue is a regular, hands , feet and  and shoulders the worst and feet wake me up at night hurting. My doctor is not into pain meds. at all, but will I just end up... Read moreChevron
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Balancing The Benefits and Risks Of Steroid Injections

It may not seem as though winter is over, but Spring is officially here.  It has been a long, cold winter season.  I know we are all ready for some bright sunshine and yellow daffodils blowing in the breeze.   Spring often spurs us to action..  Out with the old, and in with the new.  There is something inside us that... Read moreChevron
Lene  Andersen

Lene Andersen, Health Guide

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Blood Tests – What Do They Mean?

RF. ESR. Anti-CCP. ANA. CPR. No, these aren’t codes used by secret agents to communicate their missions. They’re names of blood tests used in diagnosing and managing rheumatoid arthritis. When you’re new to this disease, they can seem as mysterious and impenetrable as a secret language. What do they measure? What do the numbers... Read moreChevron
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11 yrs and ...u

I have had ra for 11 yrs. Found out last fall that I have lyphoma. After I finished my first half marithon, and my 46th b-day. They want to put me on rituximab. But I want to try the natural route. I'm tied off taking pill every day just to feel good enough to get by. the toll on my life and my family is the hardest pill to swallow, it will rob... Read moreChevron
Lisa Emrich

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide

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Can Medical Marijuana Help Reduce RA Pain?

The use of medical marijuana remains a hot topic in the United States.  Although twenty states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana, in the majority of the country marijuana is still an illicit drug.  Two states, Colorado and Washington, legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012. ... Read moreChevron

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