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Joyce Crumrine DeBow

Joyce Crumrine DeBow, Community Member


I almost forgot what this could feel like.

I have traveled through the last 1 & 1/2 years with usual joint swelling, fingers that just "let-go" of objects, limping, clumsiness, chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms that I'm right "at home" with. I completed a Live Bold segment for Health Central in February 2016 regarding my positive outlook towards my untreated Lyme, RA,... Read moreChevron
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Marianna Paulson

Marianna Paulson, Health Guide

Marianna has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for 35 years. RA has taught her to be flexible, even when her joints were not.

Using Sports Psychology to Live Better with RA

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A diagnosis of... Read moreChevron

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sylvia, Community Member


RA Treatment

I have had RA for 7 years now, and for the first 5 years my RA was very well controlled on Humira and Methrotrexate, however I started having really bad pain and swelling in my hands and feet, my DR. changed my meds to Orencia and the Methro, seven months ago, I am still in a lot of pain and getting worse,however the Dr. keeps telling me it... Read moreChevron

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