Monday, February 08, 2016

All People Who Are Taking "Leucovor"


angie, Community Member

i have worked in the medical field for 13 years. i have 3 grown children.

I'm Back!!!

 I have been diagnosed with Lupus and early Diabetes among many more. I have alot to share! I've done alot of work advocating in Washingtn, DC, due to my health my work in DC is done. I am focusing on my health but working on my state and local level. I have missed you guys! Im so glad yall are still here!! I'm doing ok. Hope all you are. So... Read moreChevron


Next Rheum visit.

The Flare.


It's been going on and on. I went to see my Rheum and she increased my dose of methotrexate. That didn't work, so she put me on prednisone.  


And just to make matters worse, I was sick, stressed out and off Enbrel for a couple of weeks. 


So I've been back... Read moreChevron


Dick, Community Member


Remicade results?

Was just wondering if anyone has used REMICADE and what the results were. My Doctor suggested I research it but said there are alot of side affects. Any info would be appreciated. Tried other methods and he wants me to try this.


BamaGirl, Community Member

50-year old female, from GA/AL, 3 kids (grown)

New to RA

My name is Tina. I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, have 3 herniated disks in my back and neck, and have osteoarthritis.  Surprised when I went to the doctor a couple of months ago, and she said i have mixed connective tissue disease, which is a combo of lupus, myositis, RA, and scleroderma.  I am already taking a large amount... Read moreChevron


caffey, Community Member


question re. back pain and fm and ra

I am new here and I have 2 questions.


1.  I have herniated L4 L5 with neuropathy both feet and for the past 2 months sicatica down the rt. leg. One of the things my pain doctor keeps talking... Read moreChevron

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