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Costs and Insurance

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With the on-going debate regarding health insurance in the United States, it is important to acknowledge the extreme financial burden of managing a chronic disease, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  As the community can attest, finding an insurance to cover your condition may be difficult, and even then the lifestyle of an RA patient is not completely covered.  Find out some ways to help alleviate difficulties you may experience.

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As you have been following my Rituxan story, I have been sharing information about my personal experience in receiving this infusion medication for RA, any reactions I had to the infusion (see part one), and any benefits I’ve seen from the infusions (see part two).  This month I’d like to share the expenses involved.   Like…

Costs and Insurance
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Lene Andersen, Health Guide, commented on Request for details regarding insurance… Hi again,I sent an email to one of our members who lives in India, who…




Lene Andersen, Health Guide, answered Where to get help with medication that… glad to be of help. And thank you!


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Lene Andersen, Health Guide, answered Can one collect Social Security… Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the intricacies of this process. However,…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, commented on Navigating Costs and Insurance for… Hi Herb, My goodness, that is a high cost!!  For infusions in April and…




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