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Thursday, June 16, 2011 Paula, Community Member, asks

Q: Has anyone taking plaquenil and sulfasalazine experienced a change in taste and smell? I have lost interest in eating because of this.

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V, Health Guide
6/16/11 11:04pm

Hi, Paula,


I took Plaquenil for six months, and it did affect my sense of taste and appetite. I have never taken sulfsalizaine. You might ask your doctor or your pharmacist.


Best Wishes,


BerserkeRA, Community Member
6/17/11 4:35pm

I took plaquenil and had the weirdest reaction to food.  I'm not exagerating at all here -- I literally ate one meal everyday for the 3-4 months I was on the drug.  Also, I could open the refrigerator, and it was not like looking at food -- it was like seeing tools, or bricks.  Nothing sparked my appetite at all.  None of my old-stand-by foods were even remotely appetizing.

BerserkeRA, Community Member
9/24/11 11:26pm

Hey Paula, 


Just a little update -- I'm now on sulfasalazine and have had yet another change in how things taste to me.  It isn't nearly as bad as what I mentioned above with the plaquenil, but its noticable.  I can't imagine what the two together would be like.

nan, Community Member
6/30/11 3:54pm

I haven't notice in change in taste and smell and l've been on both for several years.  My problem is when my sulfasazine has a powder feeling to it. ?When it does it has a bitter taste.

Harpo, Community Member
9/23/11 6:38pm

Have been taking Plaquenil for almost a month, have noticed a remarkable change in food tastes..i.e. metalic taste to certain foods. Have lost almost 10 pounds,

& sense of smell enhanced. I do not like this drug & want to get off of it as soon

as possible. Have not noticed it reducing the pain of my RA.

reese127, Community Member
10/25/11 12:05am

I just googled this and found this page. I have been on sulfasalazine since May, with in the last month and a half I have had this awful taste in my mouth, and nothing seems appealing. I need coffee every morning, and the last 2 weeks it turned my stomach. I cook for my family and I cannot taste! It is not helping my RA, but I do not want to go on other meds that may be worse. Is there any other answer? Also, my doctor said this was all in my mind! No...its not.

Kirst, Community Member
10/25/11 6:34am
I have been on sulfasalazine and plaquenil for over 2 years and I have experienced this side effect, i have lost alot of weight because of not having an appetite. x Reply
Paula, Community Member
10/25/11 8:04am

do you mind me asking how many milligrams of sulfasalazine you are taking? I was taking 3000 mg a day... my doc has taken me off for 6 months but when I go back I am thinking of taking less of a dose to see if it makes a difference. I felt better taking it and do not want to get into injectables if I can put that off.. I cannot take methotrexate due to side effects with my lungs...thanks for your reply

Kirst, Community Member
10/25/11 1:16pm
hi I'm taking 3000mg/day, iv tried injections aswell but didn't have the effect the doc wanted so was taken off and put on iv, not been on it long so hoping that the iv helps. I'm on methotrexate too but if the iv works am hopin to reduce the doses. x Reply
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