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Q: anybody have tooth and jaw pain

I have a multitude of symptoms, but the most constent and bothersome is pain in my teeth.  Anyone else?

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
4/ 2/09 12:03pm

If you have RA in your jaws or have TMJ, it's quite common for your teeth to hurt, as well. However, before you make an assumption about what causes the pain of your teeth, you should make an appointment with your dentist to make sure there's nothing else going on. If it is from RA, speak to your rheumatologist about the issue, as getting the disease treated will alleviate the pain in your jaws and teeth. If you suspect TMJ, try muscle relaxants and heat treatments for your shoulders, as TMJ can be related to issues in your shoulders.

Cheryl, Community Member
4/ 2/09 11:21am

I have a tooth that started hurting the last 4 days.  I am going to the Dentist next tuesday.   Will Let you know what happenes.  Cheryl

jackiedrury, Community Member
4/22/09 12:29am

I can't really say about teeth pain because I have problems with my teeth anyway because of grinding my teeth at night since I was a baby. However, I do frequently have jaw pain and it makes it very painful to eat. Jackie

Barbara Kennedy, Community Member
4/29/09 11:10pm

Anyone suffering from the outcome of grinding amd clenching should be wearing a mouth guard, especially at night. It can be made custom by your dentist or a less expensive generic version can be purchased in a drug store. Speak to your dentist or pharmacist respectively. Whether you have an anxiety disorder or are stressed, the grinding and clenching can cause permanent damage to your teeth, jaw and socket, as well cause headaches, face pain, neck, arm and back aches. It's all attached.

And, to answer the question, yes, RA can cause pain when chewing. The mouth guard is quick relief.


Barbara Kennedy, MPH/LMSW

jackiedrury, Community Member
6/ 8/09 7:15pm

Thank you so much. I will be making a trip to the pharmacy! Right now with 1 income and a family of 5---3 of those being teens- the pharmacy is definitely more afforadable! Yes, I do have jaw pain when chewing. Thanks for all your help and info. God bless you and have a great evening, Jackie.

Sheree Grachen, Community Member
8/18/12 2:18pm

I had a tooth break on me on July 17th.  no pain.  had rhino/septo surgery on July 20th.    I have bad anxiety, need a  bit of dental work and my neck and back are frequently "out" which is cause for chiro adjustments.  I have a ton of stress rite now, recovering from surgery and family drama.  My jaw/ear/teeth/neck/face and head pain has been soooo severe this past week I can only compare it to the intesity of giving birth to my 10 and 1/2 lb son 6 years ago.  When an "episode" strikes  NOTHING  can relieve it but time.   It increases to a nausiating effect on my whole body and I then become panic stricken  thinking Im having a heart attack or something.   I had one of these  "episodes"  like 4 years ago - was misdiagnosed (I thought anyway) with trigeminal neulagia (im only 34 yrs old!)  anyway, I ended up getting a root canal and didnt have an "episode "  again for a couple of years.  Past 2 years, I've had like  MINI episodes that were completely tolerable.   I dont know what is going on with me.  Is it that tooth?  Is it tmj?  is it trigeminal neuralgia?  is it sinus pressure from the septoplasty surgery?  Is is my neck being "out" from having to sleep propped up?   waaaay tooo many elements to try to figure it out.   Im on day 4 of  intense period daily agony  from mild to severe.  Have been taking ibu 3 times a day along with valium.   not "fixing"  anything!  please help

Julie-ann, Community Member
8/11/09 1:01pm

My jaw was pushed down too far during a tooth extraction and damaged my jaw joint and muscles. This causes me great pain in my teeth. They seem healthy to xrays, and don't show the amount of pain. I have even had root canal and extractions, but the next tooth along starts in pain. The main cause for all the pain is the osteoarthritis in my jaw joint. I have less to no pain in a morning when I wake up. Soon as I start talking the pain builds up and then pain in my ear, along the left side top and bottom jaw and the teeth on this side that are still in.


I as told damaged nerves can cause tooth pain also.

If you're nasal tubes are infected or swollen this also can cause tooth pain, try steamer with albas oil see if this helps?

Hope this helps?

Janet, Community Member
2/23/10 7:09am

I have RA and now I am experiencing tooth pain.  I've seen my dentist a couple times and each time they took xrays and nothing showed up.  He then sent me to a specialists who does root canals for a second opinion.  He also couldn't seem to tell me what the problem is.  I am starting to think that they feel the pain is all in my head.  I know it's not it's all in my mouth!  What started with one tooth is now affecting at least 6 teeth.  Now I'm at the point I don't know what to do.  Do I go back to my dentist again only for him to tell me he doesn't see anything wrong???  I like and trust my dentist that I have seen for about 20yrs now but I also need to get this resolved.  So the answer to your question is yes!  I also would like some help or information about this.  Thanks.


s jorgenson, Community Member
5/16/10 12:37am

I've had RA for over 25 yrs and I have experenced tooth pain twice. The first time was when I was taking enbrel about 10 yrs ago. My doctor took me off it and the pain went away. Recently I have had tooth root pain when I backed off of celebrex. Then pain is greatly reduced when I started back on celebrex. 

Devini, Community Member
6/14/10 4:15pm

In response to your question, yes. Rheumatoid Arthritis can have an impact on your teeth. Of course the dentist is the place to go for correct diagnosis. But the reality is that RA can affect your teeth.

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