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Q: why is it sometimes both my knees hurt at the same time? usually the left knee is sore and not so of

the left knee always is sore and once in a while the right, but why is it sometimes they both hurt at the same time? i have rhumie and had it for a kong time before getting diagnosed 3 yrs ago.  i take only ibuprophin for the pain and have a special diet that includes herbs and veggies.

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Sara Nash, Health Guide
11/ 5/08 9:14pm

Hi Mia,

Sadly, that is just the nature of RA. Sometimes, I will feel it in only one joint, but other times, it will be in both and then will move on to another part of my body entirely. There seems to be little rhyme or reason.  If the ibuprofen and diet are not slowing down the activity of the disease for you, I would ask your rheumatologist about exploring other options, such as dmards or biologic drugs, that can slow the disease and potentially decrease your symptoms.

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Valerie F, Community Member
11/ 5/08 9:54pm

Unfortunately, this is how RA works. I have had RA since I was 32 yrs old and I am now 48 yrs old. Usually with RA what hurts on one side will hurt on the other side. With me both thumbs are severly distorted. Both ankles had to be arthroscopically scraped out of RA they hurt so badly, same for both my knees.  This is why both knees hurt at the same time. What hurts on one side will hurt on the other. If what you are taking over the counter is not controlling your pain, why hasn't your Rheumatologist suggested something stronger. They work wonders. How about NSAID's.  The non-steroidals take down the swelling, without cortizone.  Make sure you eat with them because they can cause ulcers on an empty stomach. I know from experience, it happened to me.  If they don't work, he can put you on "biologics", such as Enbrel. You would give yourself a shot in the leg once a week along with an oral med called Methotrexate. I also did this.  The Enbrel worked great for me. So please go to your dr. There are many other options for you. Please don't sit around in pain & let this disease progress further. It is not worth it with everything they have available today. Good luck to you. God Bless....

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