• suzzy May 07, 2011
    May 07, 2011

    i have read alot about this an many others to claim this an that  im not saying anything bad about any of it because i really dont know but what i do know is if you choose to go this route you need to keep in touch with your doctor to keep  a track of your RA i was in 9 th grade when i got RA  an over the years i justtook  advil an some times i ate the like candy an thought ok that takes care of the pain so everything is good 20 some years later i find that my RA has been active the whole time my joints are detriorating now i have that to contend with i guess im saying just becarefull in your choices an listen to what your body is saying  in all the study out there i have yet found one that says yes i have done this with herbs an im better an my xrays shows no sign of RA dstroying my joints or bones

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