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Q: Is anyone taking flexeril for their RA?

I was taking methotrexate and prednisone for 5 months and then they stopped working. The Doctor upped both meds but after weeks they both stopped working.

I was put on flexeril and I thought, what? I took this for my herniated disc for about a year and it did nothing for me. My Doctor was leaving for India at the time so I could not see her before she left and this is what she prescribed to me over the phone.

Well I am suprised to say it is working. How long I don't know. The prednisone did help my back and that pain has returned along with the arthritus in my back.

I have alot of questions for my Doctor tomorrow but was curious if anyone is taking flexeril for RA and for how long and if it is working for them. I just am new at this since I was diagnosed in May. Thanks


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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
11/18/08 1:55pm

I've used a Flexeril for several years and it has been a lifesaver. Other painkillers help in different ways, but once I added Flexeril to my "toolbox" of meds, I felt much better. I take it before bedtime and it means that I get a restful sleep, which means I wake up not just well-rested, but also in much less pain than when I don't use it.


There are a couple reasons that could contribute to why Flexeril, a muscle relaxant, is working for your pain. First, RA can cause inflammation in tendons and muscles, as well as in your joints. In my experience, when this happens, your muscles and tendons become tense and tight, which is helped by Flexeril. As well, when your joints hurt and/or have limited mobility and flexibility, you use your body differently, which puts a new type of strain on your muscles, causing tension and muscle to tighten and ache and again, Flexeril to the rescue. As you've noticed, though, it is not an anti-inflammatory or a disease modifying drug, so it's not doing anything to the cause of your pain (i.e., your RA). However, it does pack a punch in terms of symptomatic relief - in my experience, managing the pain of RA requires a combination of modifying the disease and other meds, like muscle relaxants. I'm glad you found something that works for you. Hopefully, you and your doctor will find it disease modifying drug that kicks your RA's behind, as well.


0, Community Member
11/18/08 12:51am

Hi Anna,


I actually took that in the beginning, about 14 years ago.  I don't think it works, but everyone is different.  I know a lot of doctors use it with fibromyalgia and if its back pain she probably prescribed it because it will almost numb the pain in your muscles which would relieve tension around the area of pain.  With the other two been there as well, maybe it will work for awhile, maybe not.  Everyone is pretty different with medicines, I was on Methotrexate for over 8 yrs, I couldn't take it any more the side effects were awful!  Good luck!Smile

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