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  • ronie October 13, 2010
    October 13, 2010

    Vitamin and mineral deficiencies do not necessarily have to be caused by a disease.  For example, lack of Vit D can be caused by an indoor lifestyle that many are so fond of these days.


    Most of the time vitamin and iron deficiencies are actually caused by poor diet or poor absorption of the vits from the stomach into the bloodstream (such as the result from gastric bypass).  Internal bleeding such as ulcers and blood loss from injuries can cause low iron counts.  Pregnancy and bowel disorders can cause anemia as well. 


    With a good diet (may include suppliments), rest and exercise, the body will fix itself in these cases.

    • malicia
      October 16, 2010
      October 16, 2010

      Well, the only reason this bothers me is cause i've been diagnosed with fybromyalgia recently. And well my rnp anti-bodies was elevated along with some other stuff, but with all the test my rhumo is doing on me I know theres somthing he suspects but he's not telling me he wants to wait and see if my thyroid and other stuff get under control first. In the mean time I'm the one left suffering. I suspect it's R..A, see my sister is Ms.D that you have also replied, and well she also has R.A along with our other sister and mom, and even though we live many states away from each other every time we talk between her and my symtoms it's like looking in the mirror. I don't know what to do or what to think!

    • ronie
      October 16, 2010
      October 16, 2010

      Many of us with RA also have Fibro.  Fibro symptoms, as I am sure you are aware of, also mimic RA.  RA does indeed tend to run with the female gene.  (Don't ask us why, no one knows.)  And with so many other issues we women have to deal with, anemia is a common disorder as well as lov Vit D.  Vitamin deficiencies are not caused by disease but they do sometimes cause other issues within the body when not corrected because our organs need certain amounts of certain vits to function properly. Not to mention the right amount of vitamins and minerals help with Fibro cognitive dysfunction (brain fog and memory issues) and depression.

      I do have a question of your rheumie, however.  Why does he have to wait for thyroid tests results to start treating your fibro?  My answer is he doesn't.  If Fibro has indeed been dx'd, then treat the ailment, not wait for other complications to arise.  Has he done any other tests to rule out the possibility of RA or even inflammatory arthritis if you have proven to be sero-negative for an RA factor. 


      With your family's history, if another rheumie is available, I would check into it quickly. Especially when you use the words "I'm the one left suffering." There is no need for any of us to suffer any longer then we have to.  It is hard enough knowing that RA damages and it takes quite a bit of time trying to find the right meds to control our symptoms. I have fired just as many rheumies as have fired me.  Hell, if your sisters and Mom have to gain up on the man, then do it.  As an antecdote, Miss V is getting ready to stomp her rheumie!!


      Please feel free to write with any other concerns you may have.  And please write us back with good new that you have called to make an appt to stomp your rheumie as soon as possible.

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  • saramgenta October 08, 2011
    October 08, 2011



    Doesn't have to be any disease process going on- These are considered --markers- from what you don't do for a healthy life.


    Just plain "life style" can be a contributing factor- caused by not getting proper sleep, little or no exercise,  very little outdoor activity for Vitamin D, poor diet- food choice- or poor absorption of the vitamins from the stomach into the bloodstream. 


    Hope you can get this back to normal and feel better....

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