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Q: How do I make the pain go away?

I've suffered from RA for 12 years now, and until about 2 years ago, it didn't control my life. I had a hip replacement three months ago and scheduled for other hip in 5-6 months. I'm only 43 and I feel 90 some days. For the past year or so my arms hurt all the time, and I have no strength at all in them.  It hurts to dress most days, and I have limited mobility in arms as well.  I still take Celebrex twice a day, but I went off Methotrexate & Plaquenil before my hip surgery and have felt no difference so I have stayed off them, my rheumatologist doesn't know yet so we'll see what he says next visit. 

Does anyone have any suggestion what to do for the pain.  It's so depressing being so weak.  I'm also under weight by about 15-20 lbs and trying to put weight back on but don't know how.   If anyone has any suggestions to help please I'd love top hear them!!

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Brad, Health Guide
12/ 1/09 1:48am

Hi GJam,

I think you need to havea  long honest talk with your Rheumy. I am sorry you are in such pain, I can understand that. I am a year older than you and I think we are in the same boat. I have lost a lot of strength and the pain increases all the time. None of us are medical professionals, we can only speak from our own exp. Palenquil is not a strong DMARD, maybe you can step that up some. Also, are you on a Biologic like Humira or Enbrel? They may hold the key to some relief to you! You did not mention any pain meds? Lene Anderson wrote a great sharepost on this that really helped me, you can find it here by clicking here Better Living Through Chemistry. I take 4-5 vicodin a day rx'd by my rheumy. Some docs will not rx pain meds, but, you are IN pain! Find one that will, or a pain management doc that will. It does help. You also may want to speak to your GP about depression meds. I did and it helped me quite a bit, depression is nothing new to anyone suffering a autoimmune disease. Please look into this and I truly hope you feel better soon! Let me know if I can offer you any other suggestions. Feel better!



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