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Q: why do my feet hurt so bad? since getting RA my feet feel as though they are broken

There are days when I can hardly walk at all.Is there something I can do to curtail this condition?

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Brad, Health Guide
6/ 6/09 12:38am

I hear you, I am in the same condition. Your RA probably started in your feet. I have severe joint damage in my feet. I use a cane, and hold on to anything I can grab as I walk. What meds are you on? Have you had Xrays of your feet to look for damage? Give us some more info.



sleepingsasquatch, Community Member
6/ 7/09 2:07pm

I am currently on methotrexate, 2.5mg, humira pen injection, prednisone 15mg a day,avinza time release morphine 90mg, amrix ER 15mg,lyrica 75mg. I have had an MRI that had shown a sinificant amount of fluid in feet, ankles and knees.I have had both knees drained in recent months.My rheumatologist is new to me as I switched recently. I also have a new internist as the two come highly recomended and have shared many patients in the past.I am looking forward to better results and am keeping positive.Thanks for the quick response.Good luck to you as well.

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
6/ 6/09 4:10pm

Hi there,


I've had some pain in my feet which feel like walking on jagged rocks.  Shortly before I was diagnosed with RA, I was seeking the help from a podiatrist.  In addition to making custom inserts for my shoes, he strapped my feet because the arches were starting to fall.  I was surprised at what a positive difference that made until the inserts came in.


You may want to consult with your rheumatologist about the possibility of seeking assistance with a podiatrist.  It might be worth it if the pain can be lessened.  Good luck.

sleepingsasquatch, Community Member
6/ 7/09 3:03pm

Thanks for your quick response. I relate to your difficulties re: your feet. My life has really changed since this diognosis came to me. Not being able to do many things I used to do is just about the worst thing ever. I am looking forward to a new rheumatologist and internist.They come highly recommended and may have better results.I understand they share some patients already and communicate often.something I have not had in the past.It should make a difference.I had an MRI and found a lot of fluid on my knees and feet.My knees have been drained four times and ankles and feet are constantly in pain.Hopefully that will change.Humira does't seem to be cutting it.Methotrexate and prednisone I don't know about.We will see.

Vinny, Community Member
8/14/09 3:59pm


Iam a 63 year old handicapped man.  Now for about the last year or two, I have foot pain, like I needed something else, lots of it. I feel like I'm walking barefoot on rocks, even on carpeting. My feet also feel like the whole bottom of them is numb.  The only way I get by now is to use three(3) gel inserts in each shoe.  It's a little tight, but at least I can walk a LITTLE WAYS. I know I have Osteoarthritis which is where your bones break very easy. Yes, I do take calcium pills. Did they tell you these symptoms were RA? I have never been to a Doctor to get it diagnosed.  JIM

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
8/14/09 4:17pm

Hi Vinny,

I'm sorry that you are in so much pain.  There are so many possible causes for pain and numbness in the feet.  It's hard to know the cause, even for the doctors sometimes.  I would recommend that you discuss the pain with your primary doctor and consider seeing either a rheumatologist and/or a podiatrist.  Definitely see the podiatrist actually because he/she maybe able to recommend treatment to alleviate some of the discomfort.

andrew, Community Member
6/ 6/09 7:21pm

Sorry you've been having such pain. Feet and ankles are common sites of RA attack. You better get in and see a doctor and have some images taken to see if there is any damage to tissue. Are you on a disease modifying drug (like methotrexate or one of the biologics like Enbrel)? Only those will stop progression of damage which can occur to not only bone but also to ligaments and tendons. I've had two achilles tendon surgeries and am on Enbrel but my feet are always a "sore" spot.

sleepingsasquatch, Community Member
6/ 7/09 3:11pm

Thanks for the quick response. I have had an MRI and it had shown fluid but no visible damage.I am taking humira but it has not in a year shown much if any difference in my condition. I am switching internist and rheumatologists. I understand they have common ground with more than one patient.I had not had that luxery in the past.

Hope, Community Member
6/ 6/09 7:44pm

My feet have consistantly hurt for 3 years until I got on the right meds.  I take enbrel twice a week and arava one a day.  I don't even have pain when I walk anymore.  Talk to your doc about combining meds and see which ones will work together for you.  It actually took 3 years to get to this combo, but it was so worth it.  I have never felt better.  I hope you get to feeling better soon.

sleepingsasquatch, Community Member
6/ 7/09 3:16pm

Thanks for the quick response I appreciate it. I have changed internists and rheumatologists. I understand they have patients in common and have a good line of communication.Hopefully that will make a difference.Humira has not helped in a year so maybe another drug might.Time will tell

Julie Robbins, Community Member
6/ 7/09 5:32pm

Hi, I also have so much problems with my feet. There are days I can't even walk around the house. I have found some splints or braces that I bought over the counter that have helped some. They are made my Mueller. "I don't leave home" without them now. There are still days that even with them on I can't walk. Hope this helps. Julie.

sleepingsasquatch, Community Member
6/ 7/09 7:49pm

It always helps to know we are not alone.Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I have a rough time with this disease as it is. I can't work and am on social security disability.I feel for you not being able to walk well.I am switching rheumatologists and internist.Hopefully it will do the trick.Any way thanks and good luck 

ladywolf76266, Community Member
7/ 3/09 11:31pm

Hello. I am a walking testimony. I was told I had to accept the condition of my feet, because they would never get better. I had edema, neuropathy pain, RA, numbness, sores, etc...It was horrible! I felt like I had jagged rocks in tight socks on my feet. I did EVERYTHING I could do to help my feet and it worked! My feet are 90% better!!

My program included... weekly feet massages, vitamin B's, Lipoic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, and Folic Acid.


BUT what really helped the most was Melaleuca's Natural Products! The Melaleuca products contain tea tree oil. I just started taking their vitamins that really work and used their concentrated oil and over night my feet started getting better! My sister is a customer. She told me about their products but I hesitated because of all the schemes out there, but I'm so glad I tried them.


Investigate them. They are eco-friendly, eco-sensible, and eco-nomical. I'm on disability and I can even afford to buy their conversion packs. Now I even clean with their products. My family can breathe for the first time. Go to and check it out for yourself.

tghostlaw, Community Member
10/16/10 8:15pm

Melaleuca is great!  I need to know what you are taking for the foot pain.  I take the vitamins, phytomega, among other things.  Please share with me what you take for the pain, I'm almost at my wits end dealing with the foot pain.  I too have edema, neuropathy and PAIN.

eivi, Community Member
1/10/12 11:14pm

Please tell me what you are taking so I can get some of it

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