• Rebecca T Rebecca T
    January 23, 2011
    Pain in the knees and elbows
    Rebecca T Rebecca T
    January 23, 2011

    I have sharp pain "burning shard of glass" pain next to my knee cap in both knees and in my elbows. I have been checked for arthritis, and those tests came back negative. Since then it migrated from my left knee to my right elbow, then to my right knee. I have had this constantly for about five years. It does not effect the function of the joint. I was very ill with a virus about a month before the symptoms. Now the pain is less excruciating, but it is still with me constantly. Also, I am now achy all over too and tired. The only thing that helps is a very hot shower. Otherwise, I am pretty healthy and active. Any idea what this is?



  • Vanessa Collins
    Health Guide
    January 23, 2011
    Vanessa Collins
    Health Guide
    January 23, 2011

    Hi Rebecca,

    I am not a doctor or a health care professional.  I am just a patient, like you.  What you are describing sounds a lot like Fibromyalgia to me. I have Fibro, as do many others on this site. Before I started taking medication, I would have burning pains in my feet that hurt all the time.  Did not make a difference whether I was standing or sitting. It was really affecting my quality of life.  I was referred to a rheumatologist who prescribed medication.  I also take Tramadol for pain three times a day.  I have OA and EOA, too, so somtimes it is hard to distinguish between the three types of pain. The fibro does make me feel as though I have been beaten up sometimes.  Hope this helps.  Sorry you are in so much pain.  Don't give up.  Keep searching for an answer.  A rheumatologist may be able to help you.



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