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Q: Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease connection???

I am going to try to make this short.....


Wondering if anyone has any insight. Without getting too deep, I have rheumatoid arthritis, my first cousin has Crohn's disease.  So, my daughter is having lots of gastrointestinal problems, including blood in her stool and, now, my youngest daughter just started having these same problems, including blood in her stool, also. Their symptoms seem to be the same as in Crohn's disease.....


Question...anyone have the RA and Crohn's connection?? Just wondering, I know that autoimmune diseases run in families.


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joy, Community Member
5/27/09 5:38pm

hi jenmik

                my dad had crohns and i have ra and my doctor told me that they are both autoimmune diseases and thats why i have an autoimmune disease because it runs in my family.




scarlett, Community Member
5/27/09 3:12pm

Yes, u have had ulcerative colitis, now I have crohn's and rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, lupus, amd neuropathy.  I can no longer take prednisone because I have too much damage from it-muscles etc.

Fanny, Community Member
7/ 9/09 11:30am

There is a link and the link is autoimmune.  I would strongly suggest you do as much research as you can regarding autoimmune diseases.  Crohn's runs in my family as does MS, and type I diabetes and all are autoimmune.  I believe that there is a strong link between RA and Crohn's and I believe many Crohn's patience have RA and vise versa.  My suggestion would be that you read as much as possible on the subjects.  Your local Librarian will be one of your greatest resources and their services are free!  I quit smoking 12 years ago and it has been the single most important medical decision I've ever made.  There is also a strong link between cigarettes and Crohn's Disease.  If your daughter smokes, STRONGLY ENCOURAGE HER TO QUIT!  My crohn's symptoms disappeared after I quit.  Don't know if the same will happen for your daughter.  Be sure you are sending her to a knowledgeable physician that is up on the latest research and treatments. 

sam, Community Member
7/29/10 9:03pm

dear , i have crohn's disease which i didn't know about that disease brought me rheumation arthritis and now i'm living with both of them both of them are related to each other inflimation in the abdomal will bring inflimation all over the body 

Mandy, Community Member
2/21/11 6:29am

Hi my 19 yo daughter has the HLA B27 gene and has RA and also AS two weeks ago she had a healthy baby girl , however she had problems in her last 6 to 8 weeks with severe pain (bracks and hicks)  supposedly however she returned a week later with a uterine infection and then sunday returned yet again with the same pains and cramps like during her pregnancy. They now think she may have Crohns Disease. My exhusband was the carrier of the gene as was his father I have two boys with no symptoms one has had the test he does not have the HLA B27 gene the other I am un sure as he prefers not to Know . Interestingly I suffer with MS another auto immune disorder > I wonder what all our futures hold ????>?

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