Thursday, October 30, 2008 Rena, Community Member, asks

Q: Sauna or Hot Tub

     I'm considering saving for a Sauna or a Hot Tub.  Which one do you think would be more helpful with the RA symptoms???

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Feels like the TinMan, Community Member
10/30/08 11:12am

hi Rena,

I have a hot tub....ahhh relief.  that's the only time i can make a fist with my right  hand, that's in the hot tub.  i keep the water about 104...a sauna just makes you sweat.  a hot tub with jets massages bet would be for the hot tub..

Carol, Community Member
10/30/08 10:19am
Do you have a fitness center near you with a sauna and hot? Maybe you could get a week free pass (usually on line)? That way you could try them yourself to find out which you like. Reply
Valerie, Community Member
10/31/08 10:00am

I would definitely recommend the hot tub. It eases a lot of the pain away (temporarily only, but still no pain for a few minutes is fantastic).  A sauna will just make you sweat.


Good luck!Smile

GeekyGranny, Community Member
10/31/08 3:03pm

HOTTUB HOTTUB HOTTUB!!!!!!!    We bought ours online at Costco.  It's only a two person one but it's our therapy tub.  I have OA, RA, and fibro and this thing is a life saver.  My husband gets in it too.  He has fibro and myofascial pain syndrome and needs it after working in the yard for a bit.  He is on disability and I'm trying for it.  Waiting for my time when I get a date/time assigned to see DA JUDGE.


Ahh the soak, soothing relaxing. Ours is in the garage.  I like to put soothing music on, incense or a candle, turn the light on the hot tub on and garage light off and I'm gone!!!!


It feels soooooo good.   Cool

Kimms, Community Member
12/ 1/08 6:49pm

I would try them out to see what works better.  But for me, a hot bath is amazing, where suana's actually worsen my joints and pain.  I think it has something to do with the change in humidity or moisture, rather than just hot/cold temps. 


But defo try them both out before forking out the money!!!  You may find just the opposite for your body?

Monique, Community Member
9/26/09 12:19pm

The idea of using a sauna originates from countries like Finland, as you probably know. What most of us do not know, is, how it is intended to use. Only then I can highly recommend it for people suffering from RA.


A really hot sauna has to be alternated with dipping into ice water, in order to 'massage' the vascular system repeatedly - expansion (serious heat)- contraction (serious cold). A cold shower does nothing even close to the desired effect, hence most saunas here in the US are just tiresome and even damaging with many diseases.


Treating RA with a 'real' sauna experience invigorates and resets the endocrine system. It resets your corpus callosum and allows the brain to recognize RA all over again. Re-recognizing allows the brain to re-set, repair, or, at least, allows the body to do as much self repair as possible.


This way, I highly recommend sauna with RA. At least once a week!

Rena, Community Member
9/29/09 7:16am

     Thanks for the information.  I believe that I could make this work for me, here in Idaho, with all the snow that we get.  You say that a cold shower will not work?  What could I substitute that would work?  In the winter, I could make "snow angels" Smile, but what about the spring and summer?  Have any ideas?

     I do know that I went on a vacation last June to Roatan, Hondurous and even though I sweat like a pig, I felt much better.  I couldn't believe how much better I felt.  My aching and pain was redused significantly!

     Again, thank you for the comment!

VB, Community Member
9/24/10 11:52am

You appear to have a lot of knowledge in this area.  Are you trained in this area?  So at home with no special devices how would you achieve this relief?  It sounds a little bit about how I was once told to relieve croup, hot and cold, and it worked great!

Thank you!


Monique, Community Member
9/29/09 10:55am

My friends have a sauna in their back yard - complete with a claw-foot-bath tub which they fill with frozen blocks of ice. They make their own ice by filling up big tupper ware containers and stock up a small freezer in the garage. Those freezers are not very expensive, either.


Snow works real well and makes a nice change indeed. Unlike the US -  Finland is consistently snowed in!! For Rheumatoid Arthritis I recommend: easy, cost efficient and short preparation, in order to utilize your new sauna to the max. It takes 20 min to heat it up and a few minutes to fill the bathtub. My friend says, she has been "addicted" to this type of sauna for 20 some years, she does it 3-4 times a week!!! As a side note: she is also slim and has no cellulite!!, very fit, very healthy. She is my inspiration !!


Thanks for asking. Let us know what you decide to do.

Monique, Community Member
9/29/09 11:03am

Forgot to answer your question: correct, a shower would not be the same. It has to be ice water to see true and lasting results in autoimmune diseases. The vascular system has to contract before going back into the sauna. This is repeated 3 or even 4 times, short intervals (you ease into this, naturally). This sounds colder than it is :) because the body is soo hot that you never feel really cold at any time during this process. You do not feel exhausted afterwards, either. Invigorated, alive, body/brain/spirit is fully connected. That is why the body is able to heal itself: it is given the optimal enviroment.

Rena, Community Member
10/15/09 6:28am

Thanks for the information!  I'm going to try this!

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