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Q: Leg cramps

For about a month now, my left leg and foot cramps severly everynight. Now my leg is so sore it hurts to walk. Can RA cause this?

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
7/17/08 3:17pm

RA can affect your muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition to inflammation, they can be affected by you moving your body differently to protect your joints and thereby putting a different kind of stress on your muscles. It's absolutely a good idea to treated with key, massage and gentle stretching. As well, leg cramps at night can mean that you're dehydrated - are you drinking enough water through the day? Taking a magnesium supplement before you go to bed may help, as well (it helps relax your muscles a little). However, given that this is a relatively new thing for you, it happens every night and is now starting to affect you in the day time, it's probably a good idea to make an appointment to see your doctor to get her/his opinion.


Good luck!

psd, Community Member
7/17/08 11:42am

I would guess that yes this from the RA since it can affect the tendons as well as joints.  Be sure to tell you doc about it when you are in.  I have found that for me heat, whether heating pad, muscle rub or a dip in the hot tub helps relax it before bedtime.  I still occasionally have cramps like that though and really not much I can do about them but ride them out. 

Perry Tomlinson, Community Member
7/19/08 9:13pm

Yes Ra does have a bearing,try vit d and honey and cinnamon tab spoon honey half teaspoon cinnamon ,buy the quills and grind them your self bye

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