• Kris February 23, 2010
    February 23, 2010

    I always had flimsy fingernails. They were super soft and would break or peel with the slightest effort and they would bend so easily. I figured this was caused by the RA but now I know it was diet related. I recently discovered I'm gluten and soy intolerant. I also can't tolerate dairy (dairy free for 4 years). It's been about 7 months since I've had gluten and 2 months since I've had soy and my fingernails are so strong now. No breaking or peeling and they don't bend. I noticed a difference after going gluten free and even a bigger difference after going soy free. Coincidentally my Sjogrens has improved greatly with these diet changes too. I got the first thumbs-up from my cornea doc in 5 years. The dryness has gotten better. So I'm thinking the brittle nails is more Sjogren's than RA and that dryness is accentuated by soy and gluten. For me anyways.

  • torrieruth April 21, 2011
    April 21, 2011

    I myself have weak flimsy fingernails. So weak that they bend if they bump something. They are to soft to chip, they just tear.. which is very painful. I am on meds for insulin resistance, high blood pressure, depression. But before I was put on these meds, I remember having long nails. They werent' super strong, but would grow, and stay the same legnth for a little while. Since going on meds, my nails are very flimsy. I resorted to using acrylic overlay on my nails, since they were to painful to be left alone... I have been told I am gluten intolerent, and milk intolerent. (not lactose intorent) I am going to do the GF diet for the rest of my life, I bet that the weak nails, digestive issues, female issues, and depression as well as health issues will clear up.. and be totally gone. Here is a list and dosage of my current meds...but be warned,,, its a lot


    Metformin 500mg 4 pills daily

    Glyburide 2.5mg 2 pills daily

    Effexor 75mg 1 pill at bedtime

    Lebetolol 200mg 6 pills daily (yikes) i know

    spironolactone 25mg 2 pills daily

    topamax just prescribed on 4/19/11 I don't remember the dosage

    I was told on 4/19 that i was having migraines, but that's not the case

    my cousin is a chiropractor and a nutritionist and she up with the Gluten intolerance, and milk intolerence. I am on sooo many pills that it is making my body react in funny ways. For instance ;

    terrible stabbing headaches

    stomach pain

    nausea and vomiting



    shakiness in whole body

    weakness in body

    heaviness in arms and legs


    exhaustion (extreme)

    weight loss (which is a good thing)


    ringing in my ears

    pain in eyes

    vision problems


    that may sound like a lot of info for one anwer, but It's what is happening

    I am starting the GF and milk free diet tomorrow and will be on it until the Lord calls me home ( which will be a long while frome now) lol

    I hope this was informative and not to boring

    I have polycystic ovary syndrome and that is the cause of most of my medications

    I am going to my GP and having him lesson the dose on my pills and then I will go off of them completly except the supplements

    good luck my fellow friends

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