• Frustrated!!! Frustrated!!!
    May 13, 2010
    Enbrel vs. Humira
    Frustrated!!! Frustrated!!!
    May 13, 2010

    My doctor asked if I wanted to switch from Enbrel to Humira, is one any better than the other? Is there any difference in the two? When I asked these questions to the nurse-she left and consulted with the doctor-then informed me that she would let me decide. I feel like I don't have enough information to make the decision. She had already instructed me to stop taking the Enbrel and come back to see her in two weeks. I left feeling so confused!




  • ronie May 17, 2010
    May 17, 2010

    Both Enbrel and Humira are TNF blockers they are just different chemicals that do the same job.  Your doctor/nurse probably asked you to make the decission because they want you to educate yourself and do the leg work.  If they are not seeing results from Enbrel they will ask you to switch and would want you to make an informed decission before hand.  I don't think they can change the dosages.


    TNF is tumor necrosis factor.  As our immune system is overactive and confused about it's job, it produces too much TNF.  TNF regulates what our immune system cells do (i.e wait around for germs or go attack the stuff already in our body.)   Well, guess what it does in our case. You guessed it, attack our junk.


    Enbrel and Humira suppress our immune system and the production of active TNF. WAALAA, no active attack on our junk, no active pain and swelling and stiffness.


    I know I make it sound simple but someone has too.  The only draw back is the suppressed immune system.  Keep yourself healthy and away germs.  No need to become a Michael Jackson face mask wearing type though. 


    One med is not better than the other, just a different chemical.  No harm in trying if Enbrel is not working. 


    Keep us informed


    • Melissa
      January 11, 2012
      January 11, 2012

      My new doctor recently took me off Enbrel which I was on for 5 years, and only lately noticed I wasn't doing well on it any longer, feeling stiffness and pain, trouble getting up.  My new doctor put me on Humira, which is suppose to be better then Enbrel, it's suppose to stop the disease from progressing, something my doctor told me Enbrel was not doing, another reason why my RA was more advance, not better but getting worse.  I've only taken one shot and already feel better!  I do not like taking shots at all and trying to stay on a plant based diet to get off the medications.  It's not easy to travel overseas with these medications. 

      I recently watched the documentary "Forks over Knives" and found it to be an eye opener and educating!  My husband is doing the plant based diet with me, easy if you follow how to eat the right foods and learn to stay on the wrong foods, which is what is making us all sick and be on medications.  It will educate everyone how eating right can make us all healthy and get off the medications.  I'm doing it and already feel better!  Good luck everyone!! :)


      Melissa with RA 

    • Vicwalker
      January 29, 2013
      January 29, 2013
      If you are doing the plant base diet, I would highly recommend www.hhacres.com ! A wonderful source! READ MORE
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