• Hope May 14, 2010
    May 14, 2010

    you need a neurologist.  He'll do a nerve study and a mri.  You could have several different symptoms.  My uncle startedout with tingling in his right hand then could not use it that whole arm correctly.  My GP told me that the bladder is the first thing to go, not being able to hold urine.  But according to my rhuemy that some biologicals can cause ms like symptoms.  MY feet and hands feel like they fall asleep at the wrong times, like when I'mtyping or driving.  I also get a numb tingleing sensation in my face.  Ms runs in my family it has been in every generation, so I can see why you would be worried if you have symptoms.  I won't go to the dr for tests I'm a big chicken.... let me know how it goes.

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