Monday, March 15, 2010 Sandra Horn, Community Member, asks

Q: methotrexate not working

methotrexate isn't working for me what can I do now?

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
3/16/10 10:59am

methotrexate can take up to two months to kick in, so if you're still waiting for it to take full effect, talk to your doctor about medication that can help you bridge the gap like e.g., prednisone. However, if you have been on methotrexate for a while and it's no longer helping, make an appointment to see your rheumatologist to discuss treatment options. The good news is that methotrexate is on the lower rungs of the ladder of treatments for RA, so there are lots of options that can help you.

melodie, Community Member
3/15/10 7:37pm

Hi Sandra,  How long have you been on methotrexate? I didn't think it was working for me either. My RA Dr. said to give it 9 to 10 weeks. On the 9th week it did kick in. I am also on 5mg. of prednisone. I am alot better but still have a  few bad days. I hope you can find something that works for you. Make sure your Dr. knows how you are feeling. Hang in there!!  Melodie

seroneg46, Community Member
3/16/10 11:34am

Methotrexate took 4 months to work for me. Was just giving up hope then suddenly, day by day it took effect as I watched the inflammation on my knees go down

Judi, Community Member
3/19/10 1:51am

I have been on methotrexate  for years.  It did take several months before the benefit of it kicked in. Also, I started on a small dose and eventually had to go up to 10 - 2.5 mg. pills per week.  I am now back down to 4 pills per week but I am also on Enbrel, Plaquenil, Cyclobenzaprine, Clonazepam, Actonel and Lyrica. My diagnosis is Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fybromialgia, Osteo Arthritis and Osteoprosis.  For a number of years it was just R.A.  The combination of the medications seem to cut own on the number of flare ups that i have.  Your Doctor may need to try other medications or combinations of medications for you.  Good Luck.

BL, Community Member
2/ 6/12 9:56am

Question: How can you tell if your methotrexate is working? I'm recently diagnosed and have been on methotrexate for 3 and 1/2 months, primarily for one joint, and that's still stiff, somewhat swollen and painful most of the time. Is that the usual experience? I'm on 20mg (8 pills) and the next step would probably be a biologic, so I'd like to have a better idea if I should try a different DMARD before going to injections.

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