• vkmlucky vkmlucky
    September 02, 2008
    Why do I experience stiffness in my middle finger joints?
    vkmlucky vkmlucky
    September 02, 2008

    Every morning I experience finger joint stiffness in both my middle and ring fingers. Once I move and flex my fingers, the stiffness decreases, and I'm fine throughout the day until the next morning.  Can anyone provide the cause and any remedies to cure this experience?



  • Lene  Andersen
    Health Guide
    September 04, 2008
    Lene  Andersen
    Health Guide
    September 04, 2008

    Stiffness in a joint, especially in the morning, can be an indication of arthritis, rheumatoid or osteo. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and osteoarthritis is a result of wear and tear on the joint, so osteoarthritis is usually found in older adults. Do your fingers hurt, as well? With arthritis, pain usually accompanies the morning stiffness. Without knowing more about your age and any possible additional symptoms, I can only make a guess. Therefore, the best suggestion I have for you is to make an appointment to see your doctor for further examination and maybe some tests to get a diagnosis. 

    In the absence of a diagnosis and possible treatment, you are doing the best thing possible. Movement can often loosen the joints up and you can make it easier on yourself by applying heat first, like a heating pad or to do your finger exercises in warm water. Still, it's a good idea to see a doctor.


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    Good luck!



  • Angie September 04, 2008
    September 04, 2008
    sounds like the beginnings of RA, these are definite sings of RA. I would get a referral to a Rheumatologist and have them do MRI and blood work. The sooner you find out the better, or your joints will get damaged if you wait too long. READ MORE
  • Joyce November 21, 2013
    November 21, 2013


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