• Feels like the TinMan Feels like the TinMan
    August 11, 2008
    do the nodules go away?
    Feels like the TinMan Feels like the TinMan
    August 11, 2008

    just diagnosed 3 wks ago, only on Relefen until my rheumy is 'convinced' i have RA.  Now i've got bumps, or nodules i'm told...3 on 3 fingers.  do these go away once i'm on treatment for RA? 



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  • Living in Jesus September 20, 2008
    Living in Jesus
    September 20, 2008

    I have a nodule on my left hand above my pinky finger.  I had it removed 1/5 years ago and it grew back.  I also have a larger one on my right knee.  The Surgeon said it was a Rheumatoid Subcutaneous nodule and I could have it taken off again, but it would most likely come back.  I made an appt with a Naturapath Doctor. ND and although there has been no formal diagnosis, she is working on building up my immune system sith Fish oil, vitamin c and d, a adrenyl gland supplement, I am taking glucosamine with and a quality vitamin supplement regime.  I am a little nervous about this as I want to stay active.  I play tennis once or twice a week, and want to keep that up for more years.  This is a very new thing to me as I have been healthy all of my life.  I still feel good, but have some pain in my fingers.  God bless you and if you find out they go away, let me know. 


    The ND told me that if I followed a good nutrition plan, and these supplements she wouldn't be surprised if they went away.   We'll see....

  • Golden Mushroom March 16, 2009
    Golden Mushroom
    March 16, 2009

    Yes, they go away it just takes many months. I tend to get them on the pads and sides of my fingers. BTW, I am on methotrexate and enbrel.

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