Friday, March 27, 2009 happymomma, Community Member, asks

Q: Does anyone have fingers that looked bruised on or around the joint?

A couple of my fingers look bruised, one is blue in color on the side of the joint & the other looks bruised on top of the joint.  

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Brad, Health Guide
4/ 7/09 10:11pm

My knuckles are constantly changing color from normal, to reddish to blue. Like some of the other posts, it does not necessarily coincide with pain. My Ortho did give me steroid shots in my hands, and I can certainly say they did help! Probably cut my pain in my hands by 50%.

Laura, Community Member
3/27/09 11:59pm

Yes, I have the same thing.  Along with the bruising, they are very sensitive, hot as if they have a fever.   So very sore that it almost hurts to look at them.   What meds are you on?

tessie, Community Member
3/28/09 1:42am

Yes, me too. I notice the discoloration seems to come and go, and mine is not necessarily related to pain. I think my hands look awful, even though the xrays look fine.

Maybe I didn't know the back of my hands like the back of my hand?? :)

catherine lumley, Community Member
3/28/09 4:53pm

yes i do my fingers and toes look like that all the time and im 43

honda_mom2006, Community Member
3/31/09 9:51am

Over half of my knuckles were inflamed, bruised and not able to bend and straighten all the way for about a year. It made everything even more difficult than my "normal" RA did. I was trying to do everything with my palms and that just wasn't working. I went to the dr and at that time I was terrified of meds so she suggested doing some steroid shots. Although I'd heard some scary things about those also I felt a little better doing those. I got them in about 7 of my knuckles and within 24 hours the bruising, swelling and pain was GONE! It has been a little over a year and I've only had trouble with the bruising and swelling returning once. I know it isn't "solving" the problem or addressing the cause but for me I just needed relief immediately and enough that maybe the other things (supplements etc) I was trying could have a chance of working. Well worth it for me. Something to think about. Good luck!

buck, Community Member
2/23/11 8:37pm

question... i have a red rash on my knuckels- not raised, looks like wind burn- not sensative- and my knuckels look slightly bruised-ish/ to white going up my hand-

I am meeting with an RA doctor next week- do you have RA and what were your symptons... just trying to figure out.. my wrist joints and achey-/sore- but not horrible... any info would help- thanks!

happymomma, Community Member
2/24/11 12:25am

Good that you are going to an RA Dr.. Don't know about the rash but the sore and bruised joints are usually part of RA. When I first get up in the morning my feet & ankles are very stiff & very painful for about 2 hours. I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is another form of RA, that is really doing damage to my ankles, lower back, & knees. It's good to start a journal to report how you felt when you woke up & as the day progressed & to report any changes you notice so that you can remember everything to tell the Dr. when you see him/her.

Welcome to the group. There are so many wonderful people on here that can help you deal with RA issues that you have.

therese dwyer, Community Member
6/22/11 1:02pm

i'm 52 years old and have had hard lumps form on the top and side of my fingers one of my thumbs are much larger than the other but today i noticed while in a lot of pain to move my fingers wrist or walk because of the pain in my hips i found brown looking bruses on my knuckles just show up


happymomma, Community Member
10/19/13 10:10pm

Why my knuckels black and blue?

happymomma, Community Member
10/20/13 7:35am

Yes me  too 

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