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Q: Does anyone else have "deformed" toes?

Toes...hmmmm....weird topic, but I do have a question. LOL A couple of my toes are getting sort of weird looking. For lack of a better description, they look like they are caving in at the middle joint. The end of the toe is kind of bigger and juts up and then back down at an unnatural looking angle. My hands and feet were the first parts of my body, aside from my bad knees, that sent me to the doctor. The pain in my feet was very, very intense. I could barely walk. I discovered hard white knots at the base of my toes closest to my feet. Since I've been on Plaquenil for six months, that pain has abated and they rarely bother me; however, my toes are getting very strange looking. Just wondering what this could be.......Thanks! V
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Hope, Community Member
10/ 8/10 7:50pm

the middle joint in most of my toes remains inflammed all the time so may toes look normal at the ends but they hump up in the middle.  They rub on my shoes.  It sucks, when I wear sandels I want my toes to be cute and pretty those days are over.  Oh my toe nails have also thinned out and the corners curve up sharply so I get them caught on things.  They were never like that before,  I got on caught on the upholstrey of my recliner and yanked lightly and my toe nail came right off.  I am sure that this did not ease your mind any but  you are not the only one out there.

_K_, Community Member
10/ 8/10 6:22pm

I suppose "deformed" is the wrong word to use but it sums it up quite well. I have inflamed toes and due to stiffness over the years they have frozen in one position and my bones have grown that way. So basically they are swollen and bent. I can wiggle them but not bend them. I hope this has helped. You certainly aren't alone despite the lack of answers. I have known many people throughout my life with arthritis and they have all had different looking toes (that I can remember), I hope you aren't worrying about this as as far as I know its normal.


I hope this has helped

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