• Vanessa Collins Vanessa Collins
    September 30, 2010
    Can torn cartilage in the wrist heal by itself, or is the damage permanent?
    Vanessa Collins Vanessa Collins
    September 30, 2010
    My left wrist has been swollen and painful off and on for months. I had an xray on Wednesday. They said I have a cyst and a tear in my cartilage and they have ordered an MRI. My right wrist is painful, too, but not as swollen. Anyone else have this problem? If so, what treatment did you have? Thanks! V READ MORE


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  • ronie October 04, 2010
    October 04, 2010

    HI V!!!!!!!

    A tear huh?  geez woman. 


    to answer to question with a little bs as possible.  It will heal by itself but will have scar tissue and will not be in alignment or work properly without pain (or you get used to the pain and limited wrist movement.)  However, if it is enough to warrant surgery, even that can cause scarring and pain.  So, we are talking a coin toss. 

    It has been about 6 years since my last wrist surgery (a combination of carpal tunnel and fused cartalidge removal.  The pain relief has been wonderful but I have never gotten the strength in my wrist back. I also have the biggest ugliest scar that looks like I attempted the unspeakable because it couldn't be fixed with laser surgery.

    • Vanessa Collins
      October 05, 2010
      Vanessa Collins
      Health Guide
      October 05, 2010

      Hey, Ronie!  So glad to see you are back.  We missed ya, woman!


      Yep, torn cartilage and some sort of cyst caused by chronic tendonitis, they said.  MRI is tomorrow. I didn't tell the doc, but the right wrist has issues, too. It just isn't as swollen. I cut pies off and on for three hours Sunday at church. Octobefest time. Ya hoo!  Anyway, I paid for it yesterday afternoona and today. You wouldn't think that cutting pies would cause such pain, but.....

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  • Larry March 14, 2014
    March 14, 2014

    I also have a torn cartilege on my right wrist. I fell while leaning over packing my van for Christmas vacation. Did not hurt until the second day. Had an xray in Texas and was told I had a level 3 sprain (?)  Got back home and after a month, it was no better. I wore a brace 24/7 and made an appointment with my ortho and they did the xray and could not tell so they ordered the MRI. Today, I met with the surgeon and the tear was diagnosed. He does surgery so you expect him to make that recommendation but the other option was to get a cortazone shot to see if hit would get better and if not then look at possible surgery. I was not interested in the surgery as he said the arm would be in a hard cast up past the elbow for 6-8 weeks and then rehab for another 6-8 weeks. So I went with the shot today around 2 pm. Found the spot where it hurt the most and then hit it with the shot. It is now 8 pm and my range of motion on the wrist has improved by 50%. I hope it improves enough in the next week to again play golf. I have not been able to play since Dec. 13, 2013. That is 3 months.....will have to learn again. I would suggest the shots to see if things inprove........Good Luck

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