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Q: Anyone Else Have Trouble Riding/Driving In A Car?

My meds help the pain...a lot...but I still can't drive or ride for more than half an hour in the car without paying for it for a few days. I wonder why riding in a car cause such pain. Any tips for alleviating the pain when traveling by car?
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ronie, Community Member
10/20/10 1:05pm

Hi Miss V.

Driving hurts me because of the angle my wrist is in when holding on to any part of the steering wheel as well as just holding on to the wheel. And I know you are having a lot of wrist problems.

Also I get stiff if I sit for any length of time.  Generally I wiggle around if I have to sit for any longer than 5 minutes not only in a car but anywhere.  Keeping a hip,leg or ankle in one position on the gas pedal is a big pain. 

Believe it or not, actually opening a car door is an issue especially now that it is getting colder (in some parts of the world. It is hardly ever cold in Houston).


Driving like everything else has to be modified in anyway you can find to reduce pain.  Because of finger pain I now open car doors with a balled fist using my forearms or elbows to push it open.  To get in the car I can no longer step into the floorboard.  I have to go in butt first and slide around like a dainty princess that I am not.  I no longer hold the wheel at 3 and 9 (or 2 and 10) all the time to keep the neck and shoulders from hurting.  I mainly hold one hand at 6.  I also learned from watching my mother how to control the wheel with an open palm and not so much a good grip.  I do wiggle in the seat a bit and flex and rotate my ankle whenever I can.  If a back pillow helps use it.  To me they are uncomfortable.  However a pillow under my butt helps to keep my legs from falling asleep.  When looking over my shoulder, I turn the upper part of my torso because turning just my neck is not always a good idea. 


Driving for long periods of time is a feat of sheer willpower for me now whether as a driver or passenger.  And I love roadtrips and driving across country.  The last long trip I made was in August of 09 when I moved back to Houston from Virginia.  I had made that trip several times and had gotten it down to a 24 hour science.  However that last trip took me 3 complete days.  I upped my pred to 60 mg for those 3 days and stopped to walk and stretch every few hours.  I also had to put myself on autopilot in order to ignore and push past the pain and swelling.  But I must admit, I did see more cities and sites than I had in the past just driving through.  So it wasn't so much a bad thing. 


Luckily you do not have to drive any more than 5 minutes to get to whatever I need in a metro like Houston.  However it does take about 45 minutes to drive a straight line from one side of the city to the next.

Now, I let Karen do most of the driving.



V, Health Guide
10/20/10 7:25pm
So, I guess it is just part if the drill. I might try that pillow behind the back. I just get so, so stiff and I sort of feel like I've been beat up. Would help if I could take anti-inflammatory medicine. Darn it!!! Thanks for the info, Ronnie. Peace to you, my friend. V Reply
ronie, Community Member
10/21/10 10:43am

I know you are feeling limited and trapped right now Miss V.  Or am I speaking for myself cuz Lord knows I feel that way at the moment. 


The good thing is that we don't have to stop doing the things we love, we just have to modify and maybe do things a little slower.  "I can't" is not in my vocabulary.  But unlike when I was younger, I say, "hold on a sec let me figure this out."


Celebrate your victories and acheivements over your IA even if for a moment and you give the dog a high five.  Before you know it you will be up and on your way and you IA will be only a fog in the background of your mind.  


So now I must go figure a modification for this Zumba routine.  Lord have I gained some weight these last few months.  Ya think, I can do this from my desk chair.  They seem to have given me a hip that has no rhythmn.




V, Health Guide
10/21/10 7:50pm

Once again, you are right on, Ronie!  I am feeling a little trapped and frustrated, and I shouldn't be.  Lord knows, I am so much better off than many others. Seems like my body is just jumping from one malady to the next. I am really dreading that appointment w/the urologist in November. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I am popping cranberry supplements like crazy! Wink  Anyway, how is your hip getting along?  Is your leg still not responding to your requests for it to move? You need a swimming pool for exercise.  Think the doc could write a script for a pool, and have insurance pay for it?!?  LOL  What a marvelous thing that would be, eh? Hang in there, Ronie. You are an inspiration w/a sense of humor.  As the kids would say, "You rock!"     V

ronie, Community Member
10/22/10 10:18am

Oh Girl, this hip is leg is driving me crazy!!  I seriously believe they forgot to push the ON button before they finished up the surgery.  The hip itself is working fine and dandy.  They just forgot to turn my leg ON.  Want to hear something extremely strange...  I got a couple skeeter bites the other day.  I showered and went to bed.  wouldn't you know it they started itching like crazy .  I could feel the itching like a MUG but I couldn't feel my fingers scratching.  I could see I was doing it and ending up taking off some skin but couldn't feel that I was doing it.  Lord that was like an out of body experience!!!!!!


Anyone else out there gaining weight by the second?  I think I need to ask my doc for that rx for a pool.  Pulled my fall clothes out the other day and didn't fit into a dang thing!!!!!  NADA.  But of course Karen is losing all kinds of weight and is looking great.  GGGRRRRRR.


Are you still feeling the symptoms of that UTI or did ya manage to get them under control? November will be here and gone before you know it and you will be on to the next issue.  Speaking of, I need find a new rheumie and find a good cardiologist.  See, I would have forgotten again.  I knew there was a reason I talk to you. 


Well, let me go "rock"


V, Health Guide
10/22/10 9:01pm

Good grief, Ronnie. I think you need to see a neurologist or something. That deal w/the mosquito bites is so weird. Don't forget to tell you doctor about that when you see him. Maybe it is a clue to what is going on. 


So why do you have to find a new rheumie?  Tired of the old one, or is this being forced on you by insurance?  Seeing a cardiologist is important, especially since you have high blood pressure and RA.


I have to have that cystoscope and cat scan on November 10th. Double Yuck!!!  I am so NOT looking forward to that one. My GP insists because of that cipro (sp?) resistant bug I get from time to time. Was supposed to have this done on Oct 19th, but she had to reschedule.  She mentioned kidney stones when I saw her in September. I thought kidney stones hurt like the dickens. I don't have that kind of pain. Have a little twangy pain on the lower right from time to time. Who knows?!? I know I am just throwing a fit and it isn't pretty, but I am TIRED of going to doctors. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Ah........thanks for listening. That rant made me feel better!


Okay, the weight thing. Girl, I am so not good at losing weight. I lost quite a bit this Spring, but if I don't stop eating so much, I am going to pack it all right back on. It's hard to lose weight when the doctor tells you the only exercise you can do is swimming, right? I live in the country. I commute an hour every day to work. I don't have time or the money to spend on the YMCA pool pass. And walking hurts, especially right right knee is being difficult lately.


And, what is Karen thinking...losing weight?!?  I'm jealous!!!


Gee Whiz! I am ranting a lot tonight. Hmmmmmmmm. You rock on, and I'll roll on out of here and try to be more accepting of things. LOL  Take care, Ronie. I'm one of your biggest fans. Thanks so much for the insight and the laughs.  The laughs are as important as the insight, methinks. Peace, V

ronie, Community Member
10/23/10 11:30am

Rant on my friend, Rant on!!!  I myself am fighting depression like a big dog cuz I sold my POS car.  It was an Audi and the fan clutch went out.  Do you know what it takes to fix the fan clutch on an Audi, well, I do and it wasn't something, I wanted to tackle at the moment. 


The country huh?  Lots of people on this site either live in Canada or the country.  But believe it or not Houston is diverse enough that it is only a few minutes' drive to be smack dab in the middle of someone's ranch, complete with cattle.  The first time I saw someone on horse back trotting down the side of a 5 lane freeway, I almost fainted.  Only in Houston, right?  Well, Maybe Dallas. 


Hey, I was reading one of Lisa's posts about estrogen levels and UTI symptoms and med side effects and blah blah blah.  Maybe it is something worth looking into.  But I hope all the test come out ok.  But lucky for us, doctors seem to think the uterus is now something that is disposable.  That is a joke from my stand point.  I am the only one of ALL my friends (and I gots lots) who still has a uterus and ironically the only one who has not spit out a pup.  I am waiting for the docs to take it for scientific testing.  I also am the only person in my immediate family of about 120 who has had no need for the thing!!


Well, gots to run, today is Karen's Bday and she is already pulling me out the door. 


Later Toots!


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