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Q: Can you have spontaneous ligament & tendon tears with RA?

I was dx with RA 4 ye ars ago with sero-negative RA and was doing pretty good on humira but then I was injured on the job & had to have two operations. My employer fired me while I was out hurt and so no more insurance! Of course, I can't afford humira or doctors appt. w/o insurance! Since I have been off humira I have had new symptoms... ankle & knee swelling with severe pain if I stand for over an hour and two tendon tears without any injuries. Also in the past, I had a ligament in my shoulder and my ACL tore without any injury.Could these new symptoms be RA or something else?

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tessie, Community Member
4/10/09 2:58pm

Yes, RA can effect all the supporting tissues...ligaments, tendons, cartilage. I am dealing with multiple-site tendonitis, DeQuervain's tendonitis, and bursitis in my shoulder. None injury related (although my rheumy suspects the antibiotic Levaquin may have contributed to the severe tendonitis).


Have you checked to see if you qualify for prescription assistance? There are several programs available. These websitesmight help: 

Autoimmune Information Network

RX Assist

RX Hope



sharonb, Community Member
4/22/09 1:51am

I had what I believe was bursitis Of my left elbow. It had fluid and the skin expand in an abnormal way around the elbow with pain and freezing of the joint. It resolved and did not come back when I took Hydoplenish 1-2 capsules for a about a month.  it can be purchased in the health food store. I have RA and control it with supplements and stretches and healing music. I have never taken immune suppressing meds. I did take every supplement imaginable in my frantic desire to control my life and the RA and all the symptoms that went with it . I have narrowed down what works and how to use foods and supplement to produce healing. I am happy to share what I have learned and hear about what works for you.

blessings for healing and good health,


sharonb, Community Member
4/22/09 2:04am

more thoughts: In my research into supplements for RA I came across info that MSM heals Tendons. Make sure to use only the pure powder as it can be contaminated when it is produced overseas. I used Pure brand MSM powder. Nutracology makes vitamin C powder that is also of high quality and I used the unbuffered as I have a high tolarance for Acidic foods but they also make a buffered Vit C. which would be good for healing.

Have you heard of Colostrum? It is from the first milking of the cow and is used also for healing. New Life Symbiotic is a good brand and you might want to contact the company for info how to use it, but it may very well heal the tears to your ligaments / tendons.

I won't hurt you but if it works it has been known to make miracles.


mommy6kids, Community Member
5/ 4/09 12:05pm

I have been to hell and back because of no health insurance. I have no health insurance but I found these first choice health clincs that see you on a sliding scale. They are taking super good care of me the docs have more compassion than I have ever seen before. The are there own heath care community and have their own specialist a office visit is 20 dollars and they have there own pharmacy to fill your scripts you get any medicine you need for cheap. I got 90 percocet for 5 dollars for the pain. Just a example. If I got health insurance I still would go no where else they are not instrested in money just people getting health care they need. My doc got me into a rhummy in two days because I was so bad it usually takes months. They are called first choice here in albuquerque look it up they may have them they are usually asso with univirsity hospitals like univirsity of New Mexico if there is no first choice there may be some other clincs like it near your state university.

medstudies2016, Community Member
6/15/09 12:25pm
In April, the flexor tendon of my right pinkie finger tore spontaneously. My hand surgeon and rheumatologist said that patients with RA can have spontaneous tendon tears. I ended up having surgery, the tendon was reattached to my right ring finger tendon, my ulnar head was filed down and bone spurs were removed. I was told that since I no longer have any cushioning in my wrists, that the tendon constantly moving back and forth against the ulnar bone and spurs acted as a saw. Could you possibily get disability or sign up with Blue Cross/Blue Shield to get some coverage? I wish you all the best and pray that you will be able to get what you need. Stay positive! Reply
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