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Q: What type of tennis shoes should I buy for walking?

I am going on a trip and will be doing lots of walking.  I only wear tennis shoes because of the pain in legs and feet, due to RA.  The last time I did a lot of walking I paid for it the whole night.  What type of shoe do you all recommend?


Thank you,


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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
8/26/09 11:45am

tennis shoes aren't always the best use for people with RA. You may need shoes with more support and I would suggest that you ask your doctor for a referral to a podiatrist who can set you up with some orthotic inserts for running shoes.


finding shoes can be really hard when you have RA, but there are a number of good places out there to get shoes that are comfortable, provide good support and look stylish, too. Check out BarkingDogShoes (for a review of one particular model, click here) Easy Spirit and Walking on A Cloud (it's a Canadian store, ships to the US, but you may want to use it more for research to find out what brands are available - I've worn nothing but Clark's and Ecco for years).  You can also look up shoe stores that specialize in wide sizes in the Yellow Pages - they often have the kinds of shoes that are comfortable for people who have RA.


I hope you have a great trip!

Nanamom, Community Member
8/26/09 6:02pm

Thank you so much for answering my post.

mkmac4, Community Member
8/18/09 3:14pm

I would check with some sort of professional on this. Check with foot specialist. Don't rely on shoe sales personel.

robert nelson, Community Member
8/28/09 8:30pm

There is one shoe/tennis, that I found that works great for me.  Actually, I can walk 18 holes of golf..about 5 miles..and have no ill effects.  It is called "new balance".  I get the black leather ones vs the canvas, I feel they work better.  They are sold in a national chain that only sells shoes, I cannot think of the name, sorry.  Good luck. 

I just did a search, and I think the name is Famous Footwear, but am no sure..hope this helps.

Nanamom, Community Member
8/28/09 11:55pm

Thank you Robert.  I bought some New Balance shoes today. I walked in them some this afternoon and so far no leg pain.  Hopefully, they will work.  Or at least be better than what I had before. 


Thanks again for your help.


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