• confused confused
    April 20, 2009
    itchy feet
    confused confused
    April 20, 2009

    Has anyone experienced major itching on the bottom of your feet.  Started after mtx. Dont know if it may have to do with mtx or ra.



  • Lene  Andersen
    Health Guide
    April 23, 2009
    Lene  Andersen
    Health Guide
    April 23, 2009

    It's possible that it's a side effect of the methotrexate. I wrote a post last year about medication side effects, which can include dryness everywhere - in my experience, a common side effect of some of the medications. I'd suggest you contact your rheumatologist to discuss this, just to be sure.


  • 2bis2do April 29, 2009
    April 29, 2009

    I have RA and have had very itchy feet for about two years now.  Haven't used mtx in about 5 years.  Started Remicade two months ago.  I take Etodolac and Tramadol regularly, which is where my suspiscion lies.  All pain killers, even mild ones like Tramadol, dry me out, despite 1/2 gallon water/day.

  • Laura April 21, 2009
    April 21, 2009

    Hello, I just posted the question about itchy scalp.  It's crazy!  I itch and itch and want to gouge my scalp in.  I thought I had a bad case of dandruff, but there isn't a flake on my scalp!  Plus my face gets itchy and I don't have any rash that I can see, no hives or bumps.  I almost feel like it's in my head.  I just started my Mtx 2 wks ago and this started about a week ago, so not sure if it's related or not.

    If you discover what the problem is or a cure, please post it.

    Thanks and Good Luck!

  • bottom of foot itch August 03, 2009
    bottom of foot itch
    August 03, 2009

    I don't know what mtx is or ra is , but right now the ball of my foot is itching between the big toe and the first toe and it's driving me nuts. any solution to stop it,

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