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Saturday, September 17, 2011 Hannah, Community Member, asks

Q: What causes knee pain when squatting?

I have knee pain when I walk up and down stairs, when I've been squatting, or when my legs are bent. Straightening my legs seems to relieve what feels like a build up of pain/pressure on the top and sides of my kneecap. I had this in my teens and was told it was growing pain, then also when i was in the Royal Air force but was told it was probably arthritis. I've never gotten a good answer. It's definitely worse pain in the cold or damp, but seems to be any time of year now,.

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V, Health Guide
9/17/11 9:06pm

Sounds as though you might have bursitis in your hip.  I went through years of being diagnosed with bursitis and tendonitis, and tendonsynovitis.  I am sernegative.  Finally diagnosed this past May.  I think it would be wise you have some blood work done.  Do you have any swollen joints?




suzzy, Community Member
9/17/11 7:32pm

hi hannah,sound like RA but im not a doctor .you need to see your pcp or a rheumy to make sure but soundsjust like me.xrays can show what it is an blood test might but not always good luck

Hannah, Community Member
9/17/11 7:36pm

is there an age that it normally affects?

im 23 so didnt know if it could be or not?

like i said iv never really had a answer or explanation in a way that i can understand before.



suzzy, Community Member
9/17/11 7:57pm

sorry RA doesnt have age limit there are kids even younger then 5 get

suzzy, Community Member
9/17/11 8:08pm

i think when a person is yound there are alot of doctors do call it growing pain as least they did with me too or sport injury. i know even when i set an walk  my hip hurts my knees gets this thrubbing pain in them an my feet feel like there is a sharp pointed knife sticking in them, my body gets so drained i caint set for a long time or my knees bigen to hurt i hope you can find a good rheumy an a good doctor who well help you with this. some times its so hard to get some one to dx you i know that might sound weird but alot peeps here have had that problem

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