• LeighAnn LeighAnn
    December 05, 2008
    chicken pox vaccine and starting humira
    LeighAnn LeighAnn
    December 05, 2008

    I have RA and have been on pred. and MTHX for the past 9 weeks. 3 weeks agao I got my flu shot and since I have never had chicken pox and am not immune my Rheumatologist said to get the vaccine - so I did  (it is a live virus). Last week (Thursday) I caught the cold my husband and kids have been passing and around. Sunday I woke up and the injection site of my chicken pox vaccine was red, sore, warm to the touch and raised. Tuesday I had flu like symptoms and the spot on my arm was normal looking but I noticed I had a "spot" on my stomach. Wednesday I noticed that I had several spots on my back, legs, neck, scalp, stomach, - whole body. Mind you there were probably in total only 50 spots but still quite a few to just suddenly appear. They looked like bug bites or pimples. I looked it up online and everything that was happening to me matched what was called a "break through" mild case of chicken pox from the vaccine. I itch but didn't think it was that big of a deal so I didn't say anything about it to my dr. Today is Friday and I went to my rheumy to get my first injection of humira. I did not mention the spots or anything as I still didn't think it would be a problem. Now I am having second thoughs and was just wondering if anybody has ever had a "break through" mild case of chicken pox from the vaccine or has any thoughts with me having started humira today?





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  • melanie February 13, 2009
    February 13, 2009

    girl, you should have told your doctor about this.  the damage is done, you can't redo what happened, but yes, you probably had a case of chicken pox.  if you have fever, you need to call your doctor - today and fess up.  i have to gripe at you, that could have turned out bad.  secondary infections come up with diseases like chicken pox.  let me know how you are.  i'm worried about you.  melanie


    p.s.  don't get anymore live virus immunizations, ok!!!  when or if you are around little kids that get the polio vaccine, it's a live virus, be careful.  if they throw it up, it can get on you if you are close.

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