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  • Carol October 28, 2008
    October 28, 2008

    I do live in the desert and the cold kills me. It seems to bother my knees and feet the most. I feel chilled to the bone. I cover up with serveal blankets but it doesn't help much.  We don't get much rain (4 inches a year mostly in the form of snow) but we don't lack cold.


    When I first seen my family doctor for my pain he asked me if it was joint pain or my muscles and tendons. I said I didn't know, it is just inflamed and sore. The whole area hurts. I still feel the same way now. Many days it seems more like muscle aches and numbing than joint pain when it comes to my arms and legs. When my neck hurts it just feels like a bad stiff neck. It looks like I have lost all the muscle in my arms. I use to be very strong. Now I am a weakling.

  • Valerie October 28, 2008
    October 28, 2008

    It used to be a joke that someone who had arthritis could predict the weather better than the weatherman, and I think it's true.  If you ask anyone with any type of arthritis, they will tell you that rainy/snowy days cause more aches. I believe this is caused by the pressure changing.


    Usually a day before the rain or snow comes, I feel more joint pain than normal. The fatigue increases, so I am sleepy most of the day at work.


    Time to move to the desert!

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