• ronie July 18, 2010
    July 18, 2010

    Hi there!!


    Could we please get a little more information?  What is your diagnoses and how long ago? Do you take any other meds?  How long are you on your feet before swelling begins or do you wake up with it? 


    Swelling of the feet can be causes by a multitude of issues.  Help us to narrow it down a bit so we can help




  • West Australian July 23, 2010
    West Australian
    July 23, 2010

    Hi Saral,

    I know what you are going through - its tough! My first bit of advice is to get yourself some flat shoes, I bought some a size up from what I usually wear, and ones with adjustable/velcro straps.  That way, I could "let out" my shoes if they swelled throughout the day.  I'm not sure if you are working, but when my feet were really bad I tried to stay at my desk rather than walking.  I asked my (friendly) colleagues to come to me, rather than me go to them.  Failing that, get used to TV! Or try to adapt some activities so you can do them on the couch.  I used to cry alot there.  It can feel really frustrating but try to stay positive.  I talked to my specialist and he changed my medication so that helped with my feet....after I threw out all my old shoes! Now most of them are too big!Damn!Sealed

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