• madilisa July 03, 2009
    July 03, 2009

    What kind of doctor did your sister see?  An ophthalmologist can prescribe steroid eye drops and/or restasis.  It's important that she be evaluated by a specialist for eyes.  If she lives in a small community, she may have to travel to a major medical center for this help.  Good luck, (I have recently had dx of moderate scleritis but the drops helped.)


    • sheen
      July 04, 2009
      July 04, 2009

      she is consulting ra doctor and ophthalmologist and eye specialists

      some one called lv prasad is bit famous ..even he is not encouraging

      he is selling some eyedrops which are expensive and are not effective.


      Her RA condition is she cant lift the hand to comb her hair or streatch her legs .

      one month ago she used to manage this . she has bumps on her wrist and joints.


      what the doctors say is .. the eyes are good but the veins,tissues and muscles around the eyes that control blood flow move the eyeball are infected 

      there is no sufficient blood flow to the eyes..


      she needs to control her RA completely ..but the medicines are not that effective .

      she changed 3 doctors tried everything


      Once again Thank You all for the help.


      I tried some what to explain .


      doctors in india treat their patients like illiterates they dont even tell us that its sojorn syndrome

      keep on telling us she will lose the eyes ..use those drops (custom made by a reputed eye hospital lv prasad)


      i just talked to some one in a metro . i need t get my sister there




    • madilisa
      July 04, 2009
      July 04, 2009

      I am so sorry to hear that she is being discouraged.  I have the "red eyes" and am on prednisone drops for the eyes.  Some days they look better.    Yesterday, a blood vessel burst and I had additional ugly redness.  I noticed I was weak and tired before it happened and felt flu like symptoms.  I am taking Humira, prednisone and was on methotrexate but stopped because my hair was falling out and I was nauseous.  But methotrexate does help and it is cheap so maybe she can find someone to rx that.    In January, I also had bad weakness and couldn't lift my head off the pillow or comb my hair or barely walk.  Now I am up walking and doing daily activities again.   I can hold my grandchild. Your sister needs to search for the best available care and drugs she can get in India.  I will pray for her as I know from my friends who are in US and grew up in India that it is harder there.  Yes, get your sister to best eye care and rheum available.


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  • dryeyes2 June 29, 2009
    June 29, 2009

    Find an opthamologist-(the highest up-they are sergeon's) and they have tubes they can put in the eyes-it only takes about five minutes-for each eye, and gives the eyes continous moisture!

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