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Q: I am 65 and on percocet for arthritis,disc desease. am allergic to other meds What will happen to me

What is happening with the FDA banning the one medication I am not allergic to for the pain I have from 3 types of arthritis,disc desease, and Fibromyalgia. I take Oxycontin and Percocet for my pain. I am a 65 yr old grandmother of 7. My family is my life and I need this medication to be able to play with them as much as I can. I cannot manage living with pain.  If the FDA is worried about causing liver damage, then the ATF will have to bann any type of alcohol, which is known to cause severe liver damage. What else is going to be controlled by our government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people? 

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
7/ 6/09 7:37pm

that's a very good question. I would recommend that you write a letter to your Congressman/woman and the FDA.  It is my impression that the FDA usually follows the recommendations of its panels and I would suggest everybody was concerned about those write a letter of concern to the FDA - maybe that will get them to find a compromise on this issue.  For more on this issue, check out Karen Lee Richards' latest post over at our chronic pain site.

Up1, Community Member
7/ 5/09 8:34pm

Hi Grandma7,

Up1 also enjoys being a mother and grandmother.  I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years.  I know your pain must be great at times.  Being philosophical is not what you need to hear but when a door closes God opens another one.  I take an anti-inflammatory drug, Enbrel, Nexium, Methotrexate and a narcotic (hydrocodone).  I am constantly tested for liver damage.  I have seen what you look like when there is a problem with the liver.  Yet, I often complain that the narcotic I am prescribed does nothing for my pain.  My question to you is, what is all this medication doing for your pain?  Are there times when you absolutely have no, none, nada pain?  Also, do you take anything for the actual disease process?


Girl, if you say at times you feel no pain.  I will go to the next step of my treatment with a pain management physician to bump up my medication to have some relief.  I have this fear of being addicted to a drug, so does my doctor and his need to stay within the realms of the federal government by only giving me a little.  If my pain is great for 1 month I don't get any more pills and that is taking them every 4 hours as prescribed (as needed)...joke.  I suffer with an unreal status.  At no time am I absolutely no, none, nada pain.          




Debra K, Community Member
8/22/11 7:13am

Grandma7, My heart goes To you ! I also live with this horrible thing. My story is different though, I have chosen to live only on steriods , now after 7 years with my Dr. whom I  repeated a million times no pain med. I now need it, I have pushed through this pain and forced myself to except it, to the point of a fetal position in my bed, no sleep for years , pain to where I wish I could cut it out with a chainsaw, I am going to my Dr. today and say give the me the pain meds you have always offered before , I must have something as quality of life now, I called last week and got a return call from my Dr. office saying that I was allergic to pain meds, which I am not, over the years I simply have told them I do not want them because they make me sicky to my stomach, now they deny me. tell me is this not a " hoot" !! Keep your head up Grandma7 , maybe someday someone who denies us, who fight this, will one day , not wishing this on anybody , come down with this and realize, there does come a time with patients like us who do NOT want these pain meds , MUST RELENT AND HAVE TO TAKE THEM!!! I AGREE WITH YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS !  DK

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