• shannonlee shannonlee
    January 26, 2009
    HELP I'm sooo tired!!!
    shannonlee shannonlee
    January 26, 2009

    I have asked my doc numerous times 'what can I do or take to not be tired?' and all he can say is SLEEP. I am so fatigued its rediculous. My doc says its the toll of RA and Lupus in my system that runs me down. I walked less than a block to the movie store and came home and took a nap, I get sooo tired doing minimal activity. Its hard enough just getting out of bed, I have to sit there for a half to one hour before I feel ready to walk. I think Im hitting a big flare up now, Ive been getting more and more sore and tired. I take B-complex, drink the green tea, one cup of coffee every morning, Ive stoped my daily vito's because they are making me bloated. Is there anything that can give energy-naturally??? In dire need of wake up time.



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  • Hope January 26, 2009
    January 26, 2009

    You could try vitamin D.  I have found that taking 2000-4000 ius a day helps with my energy. Good luck

  • BetsyA January 27, 2009
    January 27, 2009

    I AGREE WITH VITAMIN D!!!!! I just went in and talked to my Rheum. I tlod her the fatigue has been awful! For most of my life I could EASILY go on 4-5 hrs sleep and be just fine. Now, I fall asleep ALL THE TIME. 2-3 naps/day PLUS I am in bed early! My Rheum took this seriously (thank god) and besides my usual blood work, she added on a test that checked my vitamin D levels! Now, I am lactose Intolerant, very fair skinned (so no sun), plus minimal exercise due to severe RA. But I thought since I took a Multivitamin AND a calcium/vitamin D supp. I would be ok...NOPE. Levels were VERY low..only 11. So I was put on another D script taken once/week. My Rheum said that of course RA causes fatigue by itself HOWEVER, my low levels of vitamin D could explain the overwhelming fatigue (worse than norm) I've been having! Hopefully it works! These are some of the things we really need to pay attention to with RA! Diet changes, exercise changes, sleep changes,etc can all be indications that we may need to seek further info from our doctors to make sure all ok! RA can cause enough probs by itself without adding anything else! PLUS-if your doctor is not taking your concerns seriously, maybe it is time for a new one? This is how things are missed!

  • Ruth January 28, 2009
    January 28, 2009

    Very good B Complex vitamin daily helps me. Stress also causes fatigue, so it's a vicious cycle. Sometimes it also isn't the quantity of sleep as much as the quality. If you aren't sleeping through the night, you may need to take something to help. I try to stick to the natural stuff if I can - there is a supplement called Stess PM - B vitamins with Valerian, which is a natural sleep aid.

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