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Q: Can someone please tell me the difference between RA and Neuropathy?

I was clinically diagnosed with severe RA and fibro and I was wondering what the difference of Neuropathy and RA were.

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V, Health Guide
3/ 3/11 7:51pm

Neuropathy means nerve disease or damage. For instance, diabetics often develop neuropathy becaue of high sugar levels over a long period of time.  Some forms of neuropathy affect our senses...pain, hot, cold, etc.  Other types of neuropathy affect things like digestion and urination.


RA is an autoimmune disease. It causes joint damage and has symptoms such as painful, red, warm and swollen joints.


There is a fibromyalgia sector to Health Central.  You might want to go there and read up on that disorder, also.  It appears that a lot of people who have RA also have Fibromyaliga.


Sorry you have been dx w/RA and Fibro, but happy you found our community.  Please feel free to ask questions and/or write a sharepost about your experiences.  Your information might help others on the site.




Lene Andersen, Health Guide
3/15/11 1:26pm

I'm sorry that you have received this diagnosis - I also have RA and fibro and they can really kick your butt at times.


check out our area about the basics of RA for more information based on- knowing your disease can be a huge help in living well with it. The fibromyalgia area that V referred to this on our Chronic Pain site and has lots of good information about that condition. On MyRACentral, we also have a large reference area with posts on many aspects of living well with RA. You may want to check out my welcome message to new users, as well as the post for those who are new to RA - it is a summary of some of the important aspects of what you need to do in the beginning, as well as a collection of links to specific articles in our reference area.


have you been diagnosed with neuropathy as well as RA and fibro? V gave you a good introduction to the difference between RA and neuropathy, but I want to clarify that neuropathy is not the same as RA or fibro.

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