• Cindy H May 04, 2010
    Cindy H
    May 04, 2010

    Hi Nana, my flare ups tend to happen with changes in weather patterns. But they also happen when I'm tired or stressed. Which is most days lately. Snowy days and sub-zero temps don't help either. I'm glad its spring now. Cool

  • ronie April 25, 2010
    April 25, 2010

    For the most part, because we don't know what causes RA we don't really know what causes flare ups.  Our immune system seems to do what it wants when it wants. With that being said, I can only answer your question with a "maybe."


    It is my understanding that RA affects all of us differently.  What may trigger a flare up for you may not trigger one for me.  However, I believe all of us are our own true meterologists.  I feel rain coming a mile away.  Cold does not cause a flare up for me but it does affect the amount of pain I have because my muscles and joints stiffen faster in cold weather or an a/c system set on iceberg.  Pretty much I can feel the difference in barametric pressure.  I have had friends with RA who have the same reactions and others who have not.


    Have a good day and good luck,



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