• cheryl969 cheryl969
    September 07, 2008
    Do the steroids always make you feel better?
    cheryl969 cheryl969
    September 07, 2008


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  • marmck673 November 02, 2008
    November 02, 2008

    I think it depends on the dosage and length of time you take it. I have been given a "burst" of Prednisone and also been told to take 5mg per day with no relief.

  • mkmac4 September 11, 2008
    September 11, 2008

    Steroids can make you feel better and relieve the symptoms but they have loads of serious side effects. I've tried using steroids twice and I had to stop because of the side effects. My heart was racing, I couldn't breath, I had severe headaches, couldn't sleep and loads of other things. It wasn't worth it to me.

  • SuziKelley September 08, 2008
    September 08, 2008

    Steroids make you feel great... the pain goes away for a while.  The negative effects of prednisone, is that you will gain weight if on it for any length of time, and if you take it long term you can develop osteoperosis.

  • Angie September 07, 2008
    September 07, 2008

    Yes, steroids, always give you a quick fix and once you take them, you feel brand new, but these are only used short term to kick it out of your system.  If you use these at a high dose for a long time they make you blow up !!!  I only used them a few times for a short period of time to relieve me of really bad pain.   I think they can prescribe these at a lower dosage.


    I wouldn't like to be on Steroids for a long time... but that's me.


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