• kaye kaye
    December 08, 2009
    i have severe pain in my fingers on both hands but the pain is mostly in the left hand, sometimes i
    kaye kaye
    December 08, 2009

    scream so hard when have to strecth my fingers out is this a result of RA




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  • carqueenbee December 10, 2009
    December 10, 2009

    I know my hand were the 1st joints affected with RA.  I had trouble as young as 16 at times.  You do need to have tests done to find out the cause though.  Are there any other joints affected?  How long has these been going on?

    These are questions a doc will want to know as well. 

    It would be a good idea to keep a journal, writing down when it happens and if you notice that it is worse certain times of the day etc.....That will help the docs as well.



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