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Q: pin prick feeling in hands and feet

I have a pin-prick feeling in my hands and feet, as well as all the other pains and aches. This happens every so often and comes on suddenly, then goes away after a few minutes. Has anyone else had this symptom with arthritis?

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dryeyes2, Community Member
7/ 5/09 10:19pm

I have this same thing-i have had it since the RA. I also have other things going on so i'm not sure if its from the RA, or methotrexate..or some other thing i have!

Julie, Community Member
7/ 5/09 9:55pm



Having Rheumatoid Arthritis you may also have another auto immune illness.  It is pretty common. You may want to get your Vitamin B levels checked.  You may be developing Peripherial Neuropathy.  I had it.  I found out, do to another condition , Celiac Sprue, that I was not absorbing vitamins.  I have been taking B-12 shots and good vitiamins and the neuropathy has all but disappeared. You may also want to get your thyroid checked as thyroid problems are common too.


Be well.  Sending healing thoughts. 



lisad, Community Member
7/ 9/09 9:51am

Yes, I too have had this symptom off and on too!!  Not sure of the cause but mine has started since the begining of my RA also. 

June Cleaver, Community Member
7/ 9/09 10:34am

I am recently diagnosed with RA (but now know I've had the symptoms for 2-3 years at least) and also have had the pin pricks which hit, then fade away. Simultaneously I feel like my blood "runs hot" and that too fades away with the pin prick sensation. This is mainly in my hands. Have not had the joy of it in my feet. Have wondered if those are RA symptoms or if lupus (or something else) is lurking. I write this I am feeling the prickles in my left arm, on either side of the elbow....and it now has faded too. RA is just full of surprises, isn't it?

kim, Community Member
7/ 9/09 11:11am

I also have this in my arms and feet and my neck. I don't understand what it is but I have RA and it's been going on since I had RA. My doctor say's he don't know what is cause's it. I wish doctor's would be more helpful instead of thinking I'm faking it.

Brenda C, Community Member
7/ 9/09 12:37pm

I get the pin pricks in my left hand between the little finger and ring finger constantly. It started after a bad flare up and comes and goes.

Debbie, Community Member
7/ 9/09 6:55pm


Next time you have blood work done have them check your A1C, could be nerve damage cause of diabetes, I had pain for years told all my Drs, family Dr, foot Dr, RA Dr, finally my Ra Dr heard me, and put me on meds no pin pricks over year now.


Hope this help

Answer back if you want name of med.



Martin, Community Member
6/ 2/12 2:33pm

I get pin pricks in my hands, arms, legs and feet and have done for about 10 years.  No doctor believes me.  Yes please, may I have the name of the medicine which you used?



sgttoolman41, Community Member
7/11/09 2:31am

Yes- I've had Neuropathy in both hands and feet almost as long as I've been diagnosed with RA (and I have had muscle spasms, also).  On visits to my doctor (rheumatologist) or infusion center I am asked if I've had symptoms of the neuropathy but when I say yes the symptom isn't mentioned again.

Amy Tudor, Editor
7/27/14 5:12pm

Hi there, Aiobheann -


I know this was a very old question, but did you ever find out what was causing these pains in your hands and feet? If so, perhaps you might consider coming back and telling everyone what the diagnosis and treatment were for them. It might be really helpful for someone else in the community who is experiencing the same symptoms!


In any case, here are some links that might be helpful for you. What you have sounds like some kind of nerve pain to me, but I'm only a lay person and not a trained healthcare professional.


7 Surprising Facts About Arthritis

What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?

Cooking to Control Pain


Be well!



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