• judy judy
    October 16, 2009
    I'm sick, and don't know what's wrong, please help.
    judy judy
    October 16, 2009

    Please offer some guideance if you can, I just don't know what to do.


    My husband lost his job in Aug 08.  Through this last year we have been through a lot.  We ended up having to sell our home and move to a small rental with all of our children, because we no longer could afford our morgage after 9 months of trying to hang on to our home.  During this time we lost health Insurance (due to job loss) but qualifiyed for goverment insurance which just pays for basic family Dr. visits and 4 perscriptions a month, nothing more.  (I am grateful for this don't get me wrong)


    But the summer previous to the job loss is when all my pain started.  I am a huge runner and would come home from runs and have to sit on the couch for a lot of the day unable to walk.  Naturally I thought it was due to the miles i was putting in, or needing new shoes, so I cut back, bought new shoes and still the pain continued.  (Still didn't think anything)  Over the next 6 months everything got worse.  From waking up sick a lot of mornings (flu like symptoms) but they did go away as the day went on, to hands and feet being numb 24/7, stiff fingers, and being very tired all the time, to having days I couldn't get out of bed because of the sickness and pain  I was in.


    In July of this year I went to family Dr. who did blood work, and within a few days told me everything came back normal.  I just wanted to cry, but thought it had to be due to the stress I had to be going through due to the job loss and losing our home.  I thought with time I would know more, especially once our move was made and we were a bit more established with a the new job, in which we could pay rent and live off our budget, and my husband back in school getting his BA.

    Well, here I am  almost 4 months later (after last visit with Dr and blood work coming back normal) and worse then ever.   I am in constant pain, the worst being in my hands, back of neck (just below head) down to my shoulders, my jaw (can't open it very well, can't chew food, or talk sometimes) and my elbows. These hurt non-stop, no releif ever!  My feet and knees hurt to, but nothing i can't get around on if I need to.  Everyday i have periods were I feel so terrible I just cry, and have to  lay down by my kids and sleep.  At least 2-3 days a week (this last week it was everyday) I can't even get out of bed, because not only do every joint in my body hurt terribly, but what I would describe as feeling like I have the flu.  No one seems to understand this part, but if it was just the joints themselves hurting I might be able to somewhat function, but the flu symptoms put me flat down.  The last few weeks I have also had periods where I seriously can't catch my breath.  I feel like I can't take a deep breath and start sweating really bad. It really scares me.

    I am at a loss at what to do.  My kids need a mom again, we are in a difficult situation with all that we have been through this last year, and with my husband working full-time and in school full-time, to better our situation, I am left to take on all my little one's alone with this awfull illness, I can't do it anymore.

    I am sick and tired of pretending everything is ok, it's not and I need help.

    I am tired of everyone telling me I must just be stressed, or having a panic attack (which maybe i am with that not being able to catch my breath thing,I don't know?) 

    We have no money to see anyother Dr. besides what our insurance covers. I have very mixed feelings about going back to the orignal Dr. I saw who did the first set of blood work, because he treated me so mean, and made me feel dumb.

    Could it possibly be that when I got the blood work done that the RA was in the beginning stages and just didn't show up in my blood work yet?

    Would it be worth going in again to get it retested to see if it shows up any different then it did 4 months ago?

    I just need help, I need direction. I don't want anything to be wrong with me, but I need someone to tell me what to do in getting better, whatever that may be.

    Oh, my grandpa and aunt have RA, and my sister has a kidney disease.  This stuff runs rapid in my family (along with other things) so it's not like I don't have any reason to suspect this, Please help if you can, thanks!



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