• Mutts Mutts
    November 03, 2009
    I am a borderline ANA and I do not know what it means.
    Mutts Mutts
    November 03, 2009

    My body feels like I have been beaten with a bat and I am recoveryiing from Prostate Cancer after 43 Radiation Treatments!

    Any ideas what the problem is, I am a young 62 year old male that has tooooooooooo much living to do yet and I do not want to feel like I do!




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  • boneyfingers November 04, 2009
    November 04, 2009

    Hi Mutts.....ANA is a name of a test so I'm not sure what else it could mean relating to a diagnosis.  But I have to say you may possibly be feeling like you have been beaten with a bat due to your cancer AND radiation treatments.  Did you have surgery and/or chemo????  I am a cancer survivor of 3 yrs so I can tell you first hand cancer and radiation treatments make you feel like that.  I had 3 surgeries, chemo for 4 months and 33 treatments of radiation.  Radiation was the easy part as far as no pain but it exhausts you.  How long ago was your cancer?  If you had a prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland) you can also feel beaten from that and add chemo ontop of all that ....thats bound to make you feel like you have been beat up.  Also with prostate cancer do they have you take any pills in follow-up of your cancer treatments?  Any meds for cancer can make you feel like that.  You also have to look at your age its not easy going through all of that at your age (no offense I'm right behind ya lol).  And lastly have you asked your doctor why you feel like that? 


    Hope this helps some as I know what you have been through.  Take care and let us know what you find out.

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