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Q: What is Polyarthalgia and what can I do?

Today I saw a Rheumatologist. He went through my reports and said that at present I don't have any symtoms of RA. He said that I have Polyarthralgia. Does anyone knows anything about it? I am really confused because the Orthopadic doctor said that since I am positive for Anti CCP, i have 95% chance of having RA. The Rhematologist didn't ask me to do any tests, he just has given medicines and has asked me to come back after 15 days. Advice?

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
3/16/09 12:25pm


As far as I've been able to find out, polyarthralgia is pain in two a more joints without accompanying inflammation, morning stiffness or other signs of RA. Does that sound familiar? Are your joints red and swollen? If they are, then I would lean towards thinking it might be RA instead, but of course, I'm not a doctor, so don't take my word for. I would recommend that you get a second opinion, though. Early RA can be very difficult to diagnose and unfortunately, different doctors have different experience levels with the disease which may affect their ability to make a diagnosis. At minimum, your doctor should be giving you way more information than this one has - you may want to go back to the ortho doctor to ask if he knows a good rheumatologist.

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PamelaO, Community Member
3/13/09 4:47pm

Polyarthralgia is having arthritis in 5 or more joints and from what I understand is usually associated with RA if it is symmetrical.  I am not a doc but this if what I think.  Definately get another Rheumatologist!  Do not question yourself, seek another opinion yesterday.  Good luck, PamelaO

Catherine, Community Member
3/21/09 10:02am

I was told that I too have Poly Arthritis.  I have pain, swelling, redness and stiffness in my feet, knees, wrists and fingers and toes and now ankles and forefoot and shoulders.  I have a lot of morning stiffness lasting about half the day and gets a little better but if I sit too long I cannot move and getting in and out of low chairs is a nightmare. 

I was led to believe that this was the same as RA but with a seronegative result as none of the blood tests and errosions show yet but this needs to be monitored as it can change to RA at any time.



Nancy, Community Member
7/ 6/12 2:22pm

Boy do I know your pain Catherine. I'm only 51 and have been going thru a great deal of pain for over 12 years. It affects both feet, my ankle, left hip, leg, spine, wrist and jaw bone. Getting up and down and in and out of a car kills me. Sitting, standing and walking have gotten almost impossible for me.

    I've been fighting to get into a rheumatologist for a very long time and finally next month I have an appointment. I want to get the most from my first appointment and you sound experienced any advice on what test I should request?? Thank you, Nancy

sue, Community Member
2/ 4/12 1:22pm

I think you need to get a thorough blood test.  If you have polyarthralgia, your SED No. will show high.  Consult a good Rheumatologist and get treatment.  I had morning pains and stiffness from hip down to my ankles and my neck and shoulder.  On blood test my SED showed very high and the doctor put me on Prednisone which has helped me tremendously.  I still don't know if I will develope side effects or not, as I have been taking 15 mg a day (10 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening) for 4 weeks now.  If you can help your symptoms by natural remedies, go for it.  I do not have any knowledge of natural remedies, so I went with Prednisone. I calculated the risks of inflammation attacking my tissues and destroying them, and not being able to do exercises or my normal activities, vs. some possible Prednisone side effects.  Anyhow I do not know what will come next.  Also, treating it late or not at all can put you at risk of other tissue harms and Giant Cell Arthritis (read about it on the web.)  Make sure you get the full blood test for SED (and other problems such as thyroid problems) and get a lot of inf. first before taking Prednisone.

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