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Q: Can someone translate an RA Factor ratio to a regular number? Also, how bad are my numbers?

I was first tested for RA about a year and a hlaf ago.  My RA Factor came back at 19.  I was tested again 4 months ago and the Factor was 140 with a confirming CCP of 170.  I got tested again 2 weeks ago but the lab they used this time gave a ratio for the RA Factor instead of a straight out number (My CCP was 40 this go 'round).  Does anyone out there know how to convert the ratio ot an actual number so I can have some idea of keeping track.




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Carol, Community Member
11/ 4/08 1:52pm

I don't know why you where given two test. Was it two different doctors? My RA doctor told me I would not get another RA fator or CCP test once I got diagnoised. The two test proved I had RA. There is no reason to repeat that. My RA factor was 247.0.  14.0 is positive. My CCP was 190. Greater than 60 is a strong positive. These number are also a indicator of what your outcome might be.




Stone Dragon, Community Member
11/ 4/08 2:09pm

My GP considers me to have RA, but the "Specialist" they sent me to in Greenville, NC said that I MAY have it...I'm not presenting symetrically, enough or something.  That was a very real waste of time and money.  Lost 1/2 days work, tank of gas to get there and home, and the 40.00 co-pay for some ya-hoo to tell me nothing more than my GP....and actually did less!  The only x-ray thatI'd had done was on my tr foot.  the lower joint on my big toe was blown out to odd looking proportions and was quite painful so my GP ordered the x-ray.  I messed up and didn't ake it with me, and the "Specialist" wouldn't take any other pics of say, my painful hands to see what those looked like.  Oh, well.  When I have the funds I'll go see another RA Doc who I understand knows what he's about.  Maybe I'll get more help from him.  Even with a solid diagnosis, I'm limited on treament.  cannot take ANY of the NSAIDS...not even an 80mg aspirin.  Already on Lyrica for a blown disc in my neck. Taking Ultracet for the pain.  Weigh too much for steroid treatments (except for the occasional shot and/or diminishing dose pack).  A nd I'm not sure I want to take anything like Enbrel that may suppress my immune system.  Feeling Blue and screwed (if you'll pardon the expression).


Thanks for the reply.  Also, still need to know how to translate ratios to a regular number 32:1 doesn't mean anything to me.  My GP told me he had a conversion "somewhere" but he didn't have time to go look for it...the office was pretty backed up that day.

Carol, Community Member
11/ 4/08 2:41pm

Do you see where is says What does the test result mean? As a rule, test results outside the context of clinical symptoms and signs cannot be judged. Nonetheless, if a patient is positive for both CCP and RF, it is very likely that they have RA and it is likely that they may develop a more severe form of the disease. If a patient is positive for CCP but not RF and clinical signs suggest RA, then it is likely that they have early RA or that they will develop RA in the future.


You need to see another doctor or get another apointment with the doctor you did see until there is a diagnoises. I was diagnoised with blood test alone. Weekly I am seeing this disease progress through me. I don't want to lose the use of my right hand. I know it is possible soon, and I was just diaganoised three weeks ago. I just had swelling then. Now I have a hand that looks like a claw that does not starighten out. You need to understand how important it is to be treated early. Get over your thoughts about the drugs. RA is not just about joint deformity. Without treatment you can die early. Most expert believe the damage you see 10 years from now is done in the first year. Treatment is not only about quality of life but also about reducing inflamation that will protect your heart. TNF drugs seem to be better for people that are overweight from what I have read. I look foreward to using them.

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