Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Shannon, Community Member, asks

Q: I am having chest pains. It hurts when I move my arms when swimming and when I try to stand up stra

stright.  It is mostily located in the middle of my chest.  This has occured on and off for the past year but latley is very painful.  I have had RA for 10 years and take 30mg of methotraxate per week.

Any suggestions?  Thank you for your time.

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Hollybgroovin, Health Guide
5/ 1/08 12:09am

First let me say that anytime you have chest pain you should seek medical attention immediately.  That being said, have you been tested for cervical arthritis or have you been told that RA has affected your shoulder.  Both of these condition can cause chest pain.  Also after a short stay in my local ER I learned that RA can affect your chest bone as well and even cause inflammation.  Talk to your rheumatologist and express your concerns about this because he may want to do further testing.  I can tell you that when I have RA pain in my chest it always helps me to take a hot ( but not too hot) towel and place it on my chest for awhile.  Please pursue this issue with you doctor because any chest pain can be very dangerous.  Good luck, and best wishes!

dimentedmonk, Community Member
6/21/12 9:21pm

I'm a guy and I get that same pain. IT's in her lungs and it's probably asthma or a type of red tide

Ginny, Community Member
6/14/08 9:28am

Hi...I found out in March 2008 that I have RA. I also suffer with middle chest pain and no one has given me an answer for it.  I can not lay on my side because the pain get so bad, but as long as I keep an arm behind my back it's better. It seems as though I have to keep my chest (rib cage) open. I have severe fatigue, the dr. put me on steroids for one week, and I felt great..hated having to go off it...It was like letting me know what I used to feel like and taking it awayCry.  If anyone answers you about the chest pain could you please let me know...


Good Luck


Jason, Community Member
9/18/08 12:54am

I wish I could help, but I'm just in awe that someone shares this same problem. I thought I was alone. I've had it since I was 16. The pain doesn't only stay in my chest, it also switches between my left and right shoulder, my left and right knee, and very rarely my left ankle. Sometimes it affects multiple places at the same time. Could this be RA?


(P.S. - The only form of relief I can give you is to massage the area with some arthritis cream, depending on the severity putting some light pressure on your chest with the palm of your hand can limit the pain until you release the pressure, but it gets very old, very fast.) Keep trying different doctors and specialists, eventually you'll find out exactly what's wrong, I'll do the same. But my thought is this is something we will probably have to live with forever.


Also, I was diagnosed with a staff infection at age 14, it nearly killed me but luckily I recovered with proper treatment, maybe this could be the aftermath effect?

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